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Tianjin health "Not You Mo" dog culture gradually popular Tian Ye Yixi wedding "not You Mo" record live Sina Entertainment news last week, the Tianjin TV career reality show "Not You Mo" has caused a big controversy, among the five candidates, the journalist's Tianjingpo sparked a live dispute. He has been an experienced sports journalist in a well-known website and has interviewed countless sports stars. According to Tianjingpo, he is "Ye Yixi alvine micro-lung, and Tian son marry" "behind the scenes." In order to win the hand, he disguised as a chef into the Tian and Ye Yixi wedding scene, the language is amazing he also stressed: "The dog is the highest state of the reporter", provoked by the same reporter was the host Zhang Shaogang on the spot, but also let the top of the company's professional ethics of the journalists launched a debate.  When the "non-You Mo" broadcast, also let people begin to redefine the meaning of "paparazzi" for people more mysterious special occupations gradually become clearer.  Is "paparazzi" the highest level of journalism? In the public view of the dog is an all-pervasive peeping, in fact, they have a beautiful Italian name "paparazzi", meaning basically equal to "not afraid of wind and rain, the courage to work hard to dig a little-known secret, slightly persistent indomitable spirit of the people." "It's like walking on the Tianjingpo of you," he said. His dedication and flexibility of the presence of the boss's favorite, such a professional and professional to admire. Objectively speaking, the appearance of the paparazzi conforms to the development trend of the entertainment industry.  Since the beginning of the last century, the trend of celebrity idol is becoming more and more, performing stars, political and business celebrities become the object of public worship, people began to wonder where the spotlight lights can not find, from all sides of the prying desire to surge, but also the "dog" this special industry to push the historical stage.  Do public figures not have privacy? When it comes to dogs, the first thing people think about is being out of the way. In fact, the paparazzi have comparable to the war reporter's pay, hard-working. They are persistent, tenacious and dedicated. It is said that a dog had been lurking in the grass for more than more than 10 hours in order to photograph the private life of Tom. See "Not You Mo" in the paparazzi reporter Tianjingpo, in order to take Tian and Ye Yixi wedding photos, disguised as a chef into the banquet after the hall to win the hand.  Regardless of their moral and professional ethics, but have to say that wits are creative. Paparazzi encircle superstar celebrities, tracking the exclusive photos to meet the public's peeping desire, challenging the camera exposure limit, the entertainment circle of the limits of the rules, but also the limits of the challenger's conscience. Of course, without high pay, it is believed that few would be willing to do such a socially contentious and dangerous job.  There is no difference between a photo of an exclusive storm and a lottery, and the remuneration of senior dogs is usually calculated in million units. "Paparazzi" is the trend is also a cultural star gossip entertainment gossip, people usually like to talk about one of the topics. The appearance of the paparazzi provides more possibilities for people to talk about, andBrought some changes to the media circle.  It has been said that the dog has become a cultural phenomenon rooted in the society, the existence is reasonable, the paparazzi will not cause moral collapse, and will not let the culture retrogression, their reports to bring the media closer to life, closer to the truth, and even gradually improve the readability of traditional media. Society needs dogs to satisfy the public's tastes and needs, and now the public can look at the work of the paparazzi calmly. In a sense, high paid and challenging puppies have become a choice in career planning for young people.  The professionalism and dedication of the paparazzi in their work is also the spirit that modern men desperately need. Tianjin TV's "non-You" to the audience showed a variety of job seekers, such as Tianjingpo "Grand Slam reporter" after all, is still a minority. Ordinary people in the process of job hunting, such as pay, treatment, environment and other factors, the career and life planning has not reached a completely clear point. Can say, "Not you Mo" stage is in for the job seekers to clear all obstacles, have professional planner navigation, Bos Direct decision to open or not. The program also reminds young candidates: "If you want to harness the power and control the money, you must be prepared to sacrifice yourself." The person who comes to the end is usually the one with the most stories. "Ds/
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