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Global Mobile Internet Conference site.

Sina Science and Technology show Qian

The two-day global mobile Internet Conference took a bow in Lei's speech, "arming the mind with the Internet".

"Compared to last month's speech, the example is the same, the only one to say is that he saw someone get the outdated Nokia phone when they want to cry." "One of the media participants was so appraised of Lei's repeated keynote speech.

May 11, the General Assembly entered the next day. At the beginning of the keynote speech, the Great Wall Association founder Bo Yiqun The heat of the conference, saying that May 10, gmic participants were 2800 people, the number of developers on the planet reached 2400, plus exhibitors and the media nearly 6000 people. And online, there are 500,000 people from around the world to watch the conference video, the highest online number reached 50,000.

However, at the scene, in this gloomy Beijing early morning, the main venue 10 rows of seats are neatly placed but empty, it appears some lonely.

Two days down, the main venue outside like a fair. Sina Weibo's advertising songs still cover the entire exhibition hall, exhibitors, showgirl, media, staff and other people around the road shuttle. In the main venue, English is still the main speech language, even in the usual other occasions only speak Chinese speakers, in the venue also show a variety of accents of English, showing their internationalization.

Who is the mobile internet?

Nowadays, the popular "Gao Fu Shuai", "White rich beauty" and "cock Silk" and other network language has become the speech of the meeting guests.

Taobao vice president Chuchang said that Apple users are typical Gao and white rich beauty, Android users are cock silk. And the motorcycle CEO Song will cock Silk specifications down lower, he said, we are now most of the service object is still in cock silk users, we define the cock silk users are Nokia and mobile phones.

If the Lenovo Lei said to see with Nokia people want to cry heart, the mobile Internet conference, the guests are all kinds of high Shuai fu, the field is basically a variety of busy cock silk. The conference was a group of Gao who talked about the various user habits and how to make money from them.

"The voice of the mobile Internet is not in the hands of you, me or the speaker in the audience," he said, referring to the mobile internet, a developer from Hangzhou. He pointed to the showgirl who were far away.

Is it prosperity or will it fall into silence?

From the scene of various company Booth to the application of the innovation Contest show, are in the future of wireless possible, here, there may be more than MA, Ma Teng and other characters.

"The original see Ma also feel very excited, now also feel indifferent, we now think is how to do a good job, from the booth here to become the main venue front." A developer speaks of his ambition.

and site developers chat, talk about and the previous years mobile Internet development slightly different, some people say, before the year how to talk about how the VC money first burned, the entrepreneurial direction and profit model can be adjusted slowly. This year is about how to make money, the project to the ground.

But Baofan of Huaxing Capital asserts that next year mobile internet will fall into a quiet period, the next wave of sand, a large number of companies will die. Then, it will be 2014-2015 years before we see which companies have hope.

The internet has experienced many bubbles and looting, and the law of the jungle of mobile internet remains.

In two days, MA began to talk about mobile phone security, without the invitation to the Zhou in the presence of Tencent monopoly of the position of the empire to prevent entrepreneurs difficult to grow.

Two days, Lei to Ma Teng "weakness", said not and Tencent competition do not know how strong Tencent, and old to tell, his theory 100% from Lei.

The previous two days, Huawei Yu deleted with 360 mobile phone microblogging, and then in the venue speech in a High-profile statement with 360 cooperation.

Before two days, there are enterprises announced to go out, there are enterprises said to enter. Some say it's starting to make money.

...... ......

The feast is noisy, after the curtain, there is always lonely. Next year, who will be the protagonist of this feast, who will no longer come?

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