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"Fat Maze Big Adventure" adapted from a novel, it is said that fat found a pair of treasure map, the story of the following can be imagined. Let's just turn it over and find a way out! The current time limit is free not only the iphone, ipad version, and the Mac version, the specific address below: iphone version download: "Click to download" ipad version download: "Click to download" Mac version download: "Click to download" and the ordinary maze is different, players can only see the limited Four corners of the sky, As the barrier continues, the maze becomes more complex. Walking will pick up a lot of props, such as the knife cut off thorns and stone axe, of course, there are very important to mark the direction of the stakes! In addition to the complex terrain, the weather will come out of mischief! Can you come to the complex road in the night when it's dark and dark? Like the maze puzzle player quickly accept it!
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