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Absrtact: Lei continues to salute Apple: November 14 Millet Company officially released the TV set-top box millet box. The Millet box uses the Android 4.0 system, the highest support 1080P high-definition output, the public price 399 yuan, the Construction machine reservation price 299 yuan. This is a similar to Apple a

Lei continued to salute Apple: November 14 Millet Company officially released the TV set-top box millet box.

The Millet box uses the Android 4.0 system, the highest support 1080P high-definition output, the public price 399 yuan, the Construction machine reservation price 299 yuan. This is a similar to Apple Apple products: Through this product, users can share a variety of Internet content, including video, pictures, music and so on, but also a variety of devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs and television interconnection.

Like Apple can be controlled by the iphone, the Millet box can be controlled by a millet phone.

399 Yuan, the Millet box again to "bunker" the price will be similar products to the embarrassing situation: Apple Apple price of 99 U.S. dollars (currently not in the Chinese market), music video launched the video box price is more than 2000 yuan.

At the conference, Lei's meeting demo did not use projector, PC, a variety of data lines, but the PPT content in the Millet cell phone, the contents of the Millet mobile phone through the millet box with a high-definition television network to complete the speech.

Through the Millet box, Lei millet product strategy gradually surfaced: to Millet mobile phone as the center, to TV, set-top box, the future is a reader, such as more hardware extension, to millet electric dealer for hardware sales channels, through a variety of hardware integrated video, pictures, music and other internet services, as well as electric business, games and other Internet applications, construction " Millet ecological Chain ".

4.2 On the introduction of the Mirocast standard. This technology has two results, one is a variety of standard digital content can be through millet equipment (millet mobile phone, millet TV, millet box, etc.) for transmission and playback, the second is millet equipment with a variety of equipment, including Windows, IOS, Android devices to interconnect.

Digital Equipment interconnection standards, each set the threshold has been plagued the industry, in addition to Microsoft, Apple, Android, Lenovo, the Great Wall, such as the company launched the Flash (IGRS), Haier, Skyworth and other domestic manufacturers launched the E home better. According to the plan, these manufacturers are trying to create an exclusive ecological chain through interconnection standards.

The aim of the open "M-union" standard is to get through the standard barriers and reconstruct an ecological circle in which equipment is interconnected.

The formation of the rice-linked equipment interconnection ecological circle, millet can first in the terminal equipment market a piece. In addition to the published Millet mobile phone, millet box (including millet remote control), will be released in addition to the millet TV, Millet has also released a remote control through the millet mobile phone toy electric vehicles. In the future, Millet will also produce and sell more hardware equipment.

For millet when the introduction of readers, tablets and other products, Lei said: The Internet pay attention to a single point of breakthrough, the current products (millet cell phone, millet box) do, it is not convenient to disclose more hardware product plans.

With the Millet box appeared at the same time, there is a new company, that is, to see more companies. Lei is one of the many companies to invest in, and its founder Chuan is also one of Millet's shareholders. Lei revealed that a few months ago, two of the company's shareholders sat together, agreed to two companies to merge to achieve the "1+1>2" effect. The Millet box is the team responsible for research and development.

Reporter interviewed learned that many of the team in addition to the development of millet box, but also has developed an electronic reader, tablet computers and other products. The business card has been replaced as "vice president of Millet Company" Chuan in an interview, said: "At the right time, look at the team will also launch other hardware products." The reporter also learned that millet TV will be launched next year.

The same day, Millet also announced the introduction of an original technology, that is, "rice joint", the founder of Millet company, vice President Li Vanchang said, through the rice, the user can be millet mobile phones, iphones, ipads, itouch photos, video pushed to the millet box, a variety of mobile terminals and television screen fully interactive.

"M-Link" is a "compatible interconnection standard" scenario. Lei revealed that Millian also compatible with Apple Airplay, DLNA (including Microsoft, Intel, Sony, Lenovo and other multinational giants, including the introduction of technical standards) and Google Android.

Millet map

For the Millet box sales forecast, Lei has no quantitative requirements: the Millet box will not be as big as the millet phone sales, Apple apple sales of only 4 million units a year, the iphone has sold more than 300 million units.

Lei introduced the Millet box, which is the ability of the millet box to access the Internet service and products.

At present, the Millet box can access including film and television, music, applications and other categories of Internet products and services. In the film and television content, and pplive, number, Sohu, Phoenix Video, Tencent video, such as seven video platform cooperation, music and watercress radio cooperation, application providers, including treasure to open the game. Lei said: The Millet box can now access more than 100,000 video content.

The content is provided in an open way by the above video site, and for the video site, Millet is the channel.

Millet box is an open platform, content providers, application providers can access their content at any time.

The Millet box draws lessons from the MIUI system development pattern, according to the user feedback and the suggestion timely updates, the software weekly upgrades, the content daily updates, guarantees the user may at any time update content, the service, the application, guarantees the experience Internet.

Lei also revealed that the millet box will also be launched for enthusiasts APK installation.

In these applications, there are no lack of millet own Internet products, in addition to the development of Millet custom Android system, but also including Millet Mall, rice chat. Lei said: "In the TV terminal, through the Millet box, young Internet users through the rice chat with far away parents to share photos." Through the Millet Mall, users can do shopping on TV.

So far, Lei millet map surface: To millet mobile phone as the center, to television, readers, set-top boxes and other hardware extensions, through a variety of hardware integrated video, pictures, music and other internet services, as well as consulting, electric dealers, games and other Internet applications, the construction of millet ecological chain.

In the ecological circle, millet mobile phone in the core position: the terminal through the Millet mobile phone control, content through the Millet cell phone share.

To accomplish this great cause, lei still have a lot of ways to go. In front of the two problems, one is the Internet television broadcast control platform license, the second is the radio and television hardware equipment access License. Radio and television hardware equipment access License has not yet been enacted, a source said: The standard will be promulgated next year.

In the Internet television broadcast control platform licence, millet and licensed manufacturers to cooperate, the current Shanghai SMG, China Several media, CNTV and other seven companies have this license.

Millet has provided content for the Chinese media said: "Inconvenient to disclose relevant information."

Lei said: Millet Company's all products and services, will guarantee compliance with national policies.

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