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Action adventure game "nuclear Power Unicom" Foreword: Veteran Apple App players often look for free, time-limited applications because they are often made in fine, durable, and also a frequent guest in the App Store's list of free items. Given the increasing number of new applications and limited-time free applications in the mobile Internet era, so broad bean network opened up a new column, every day for iOS players select more than 5 of the time limit for free applications, I hope that we can in a number of free applications in the rapid search for high quality, at the same time meet their own needs of the software! Interested players can long-term attention to our new column, while note on our email and contact, have any comments and suggestions on all send it! November 2 iphone free apps: action adventure Games "nuclear Power unicom" This is a very difficult puzzle game, you have to go to the world, the establishment of nuclear power plants. The key to building a station is how to get the different shapes of the reactions together to allow nuclear energy to stabilize. Develop Your brain Oh! "Nuclear power Unicom" game screenshot "nuclear Power Unicom" game screenshots in the game you can choose the location of nuclear energy, through a given number of different structures of the reaction Exchange placement position, so that the reactor eventually linked into a straight line to pass. Like friends don't miss Oh ~
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