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First, what is friendship link.

First link must be two links between the Web site, and on two sites have links to each other. At the same time to browse the Web page link keyword must be shown links to be called friendship links, such as site B has a link word C site A, and site A also has B site of the connection word D; When we browse the Web page A or B, we can find C and D; C and D in the SEO industry, we generally call him the link keyword! If either side does not link to the other site's links we call one-way links, if there are links but can not find the other site's keywords, so we call false links or cheat links!

Second, the more links are not the better.

Some friends will think that the more friendship links the better, but it is not! Links should be controlled within a certain range, according to my personal experience in general control between 30 to 50 is more appropriate, too many links will not only trigger the possibility of the link field, but also because it is not good to monitor the situation of the other site, May be because the other side of the site will be punished to affect your site, so links must be good quality friends chain and links must always monitor!

Third, what kind of friend chain is a high-quality friendship link.

Before we measure the quality of Web site links are generally to see the PR value of Google! And now the site PR value more and more webmaster has no longer too much to consider, in turn to Baidu Snapshot update situation, the general webmaster will like snapshots compared to the new site; In fact, sleep Baidu a series of adjustment light to see the site's update speed to measure the quality of the link is not scientific. A good friendship link should have the following factors:

Factor one, website relevance; Let search engines know that every link to your site is useful! For example, my blog Lenovo a steel site, such links do not have much meaning.

Factor two, whether the site has updated, the other side of the site content is updated every day. Factor three, the other side of the site chain number; it is best to use link to check the number of other sites outside the chain, more than the site in general is the weight of relatively high!

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