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Domain name as an important logo of the website, will become an important part of the website brand. So it's important to choose a suitable domain name. I think the domain name is not good and bad, as long as the appropriate.

Most webmasters will carefully consider their website theme before choosing a domain name, if you are a novice, please plan your website before choosing the domain name. Give your website name, need some skill, here net earns a guest to introduce some to the novice.

1., in the choice of domain name before doing a good job site keyword analysis

Careful analysis and selection of site keywords, keyword choice determines the future traffic direction of the site. Keyword selection is good, and then according to the choice of keywords to choose the domain name, the best domain name is included in the net to earn the key words in English or pinyin. This is conducive to the promotion of website theme.

2, the site content to plan well

After creating a website, you should consider how the content of the site is chosen and distributed. Once you determine the scope of the site content is to determine the site's theme, so choose a domain name also has a clearer range.

3, the domain name as short as possible

A short domain name is clearly easier to remember if you make the domain name and a specific meaning on a short basis. That would be better.

4, can be easily spelled

If you can not find a very short domain name, then at least ensure that your domain is easy to spell, an English word or pinyin is easier to spell.

5. Avoid abbreviations

It is best not to use abbreviations, which should be abbreviations that are often unable to express accurate meanings, and you can understand abbreviations that visitors may not understand. Check your spelling and check your spelling before you purchase your domain name. Although people in misspelled words type it to make your business, if people look at problems to see your name spelled incorrectly.

Domain name selection is the beginning of the site, a short, meaningful domain name may be more valuable than the site, so the choice of domain name must not be overlooked.

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