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Domain name when choosing, many enterprises or stationmaster all thought is in which the registration all is the same. In the support of this idea, many people tend to be more inclined to low price service providers, do not know the low price behind often hide "traps." In fact, the cheap beauty of things is only a good hope of the literati, cheap there are cheap reasons, expensive also has the truth. The author is engaged in the Shanghai website construction work six years, unifies the personal some experience idea, the analysis hides in the domain name price behind that matter.

First, the ownership of the domain name: This thing happened more than once, is a lot of stationmaster or enterprise covet for a while cheap, on Taobao casually this price cheap service provider register domain name. Results after a year, the domain name renewals when the price of real domain name registration many times. Whois query to realize that they have used a year's domain name, ownership is not in fact their own. Domain name has been publicly used, many people at this time can only be dumb to eat coptis, pay a large amount of fees to the service provider to change the domain name owner information.

Second, the domain name information is true or not: Regardless of domestic domain name or international domain name, provide false registration information of the domain name is the risk of cancellation. Low-price domain name is one of the risks in Domain name registration, many service providers in order to improve the registration speed, save the registration costs, do not contact customers to verify the registration information, address phone, such as random fill in the mailbox. In fact, because the registration information is not true, the domain name was forcibly written off is also a minority. But a lot of webmaster or business operators do not understand this, that they pay the domain name ownership is their own, the real situation is not the case.

Third, the domain name DNS resolution service by WHO provides: this more professional, domain name is not registered will automatically point to the site, it is necessary to resolve the operation. Domain name resolution by a professional DNS resolution server, DNS server is the stability of the direct impact on the speed of the site open and running stability. For example, Baidu last was black, in fact, Baidu in the United States domain name was hijacked, the resolution was malicious tampering caused. Due to the relative attack on the Web site data server, re-routing attack DNS resolution server is much easier, now many hackers often aim at the Domain name registrar's DNS fuss. There are several well-known domain registrars in the country DNS servers have been frequently attacked, resulting in millions of web sites for a long period of time can not be normal access. The author of the company's Web site in business in China before the registration, and then business in China's DNS large area of attack, the need to change DNS into a million-net, after all, relatively speaking million network domain name resolution server to stabilize a lot.

Price is often a double-edged sword, select Domain name registration domain name is more so. Of course, such as million nets and other first-line registrar domain name price is higher, but relative to the site tens of thousands of development costs, spend dozens of of dollars to choose a safe and stable domain name registrars still need to save a lot.

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