Novice SEO How to do to avoid detours?

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Now SEO is unusually hot, there are many new children's shoes added to the queue to learn seo, in the novice began to learn seo in the end that attention to those things in order to avoid detours This is the fundamental purpose of writing this article.

The following is essential from the seo quality is very clear.


Interest is the best teacher, the process of learning seo basics is very boring, if you are not interested in SEO, can not insist on learning, I still advise you a sentence can now point XX to leave; because SEO pre-semester The basic stage often do not see the effect, sometimes learning the wrong way with the seo effect will come out immediately, Baidu station to K, the heart wow cool wow cool.

There is such a guideline on the plane "The key parts of the plane are seldom used high-tech, because the stability of the system is more important than the new technology." It is also more important than ever to find a new method to pursue stability in website ranking.


If you have a heart disease I also suggest that you do not want to learn SEO, because Baidu rankings fluctuate too much, you are hard to do the rankings are enjoying it, maybe 10 pages a day tomorrow. So seo must be calm, it is also a word seo often say, to calm! Ranking is not afraid of fear, is to get together to complain about Baidu, not to find the true nature of their own website, so useful?

Actual combat

Baidu sometimes fluctuate, some people say that Baidu algorithm has changed; Oh, who knows Baidu's algorithm is what ah, which are imagined, for example: in the May 20 Baidu ranking changes, a lot of Website is gone, some people are saying that Baidu algorithm has changed, Baidu should focus on user experience ......

Finally, Baidu came out to say a word, is a server update problems, the afternoon began to resume ranking. This is the algorithm? Do no one knows seo do Baidu's algorithm, can only rely on the feeling and experience to do, a lot of things on the seo is not clear, and only rely on their own station to do ranking to test. More time, seo is like a black box software testers, kept in the Baidu as a program to test how their site's ranking, constantly changing their own strategy for debugging until The ranking of your own website is up.

Those who control the so-called Baidu ranking algorithm, are in the flicker, they only accumulated experience, because Baidu's algorithm will let you outsiders grasp it? If you grasp that the old Lee is not to close the door Shanxi coal mining . Really misleading children ah, here are also advised that those who are mistaken children quickly close it, right from the conscience!

Only do it yourself, others just tell you the experience, because SEO has no fixed format, there are thousands of ways to rank up, there are many ways are waiting for you to discover it.

Remember to do it yourself, not enough, to summing up, to find their own right and wrong place, in the next to do to optimize their own way.

Adhere to the implementation

A lot of seo friends are often on the QQ very arrogant asked me: "inspiration, what method you used it? I feel good" I replied, you used it? Seems to find treasure, no matter how good the method To use is bad, you have to prove that he is a good way ah. It is good to have an idea, but it must be done and executed. Even if you give you a good optimization plan, what can you do if you do not do it?

In the process of doing seo optimization site, often because there is no perseverance, the site to the dead;

I own a station, because the content is not too much, but the high quality, are original, the chain is also very strong; doing a snapshot because the snapshot update a bit slow, ranking Google's response quickly, ranking up one week; However, Baidu's ranking has not yet moved, I gave up, but the site where the usual update to let the editor update the content, the other did not control the rankings of Baidu up for 1 month, and stay the first to now have no Off, this is the attitude to SEO flat, keep going; your website content must be written for the user, for the sake of users; ranking up is only a matter of time.

There is a friend of mine, is to do to optimize the company orders, pick up a client station, promised 3 months ranking up, but to the second month of the rankings or no movement <motionless>, he told the client that this site Was Baidu K, entered the cold palace of the <flicker customers>, the rank can not go up, the money back to the customer, the customer is no control, so that the people below update the news, after half a month, the customer calls My friend said: "I put the site's ranking is still in the first five, you look at" ... a touch of sad ah; so a list of fly off, which made me know what The cooked duck flew away.

Seo just started learning friends, remember must be pragmatic, have a good attitude, down-to-earth learning, do seriously, and persist in the end - the sun is always after the storm!

Inspiration brother wish everyone have a good start, learn seo earn big money!

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