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As a result of the recent time more busy, so recently did not go to maintain their own website, today I use webmaster tools to check the next, frighten me a big jump, in Baidu incredibly not found, so I went to the forum to consult some experts, roughly the following several statements:

First: The site was K, immediately change rice

Second: The site may be included in the observation period Baidu, as long as you now daily timely update and do outside the chain, it is estimated that soon will be reproduced.

Now can only live horse when dead horse medicine, I now can only update and do the daily and do outside the chain, can be collected will look at character, hehe. In fact, my site has not been updated for some time, and has not done outside the chain, so I think the second reason above the possibility of a big point, now can only be guessed. So I am here to the novice webmaster mention a wake up, do not be lazy, every day must be updated in a timely manner.

And the most important thing I found today when I was analyzing a website: Webmaster tools very easy to use, I really did not care, there are a lot of information, take Google Webmaster tools, which have trouble shooting, keyword search queries and so on, which help you optimize your site. Below posted the crawl statistics of my website several waveform diagram:


Recently, Baidu Webmaster tool platform is being debugged, you will have to register a new account, from time to time using these tools to SEO services, in fact, this article is mainly to remind the new station novice must make use of good webmaster tools, do not ignore. Hope to get a reminder, then I write the purpose of this article is achieved.

Finally ad under my website, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

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