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From the end of last year by chance by chance to personal Web site, began stumble all the way to the station tour. Also built a few small stations, to be honest, did not make any money, almost paid the cost of space domain name like this. Really ashamed. Today to share some of the personal problems encountered during the establishment of a small site, novice journey. I hope we can encourage each other.

Apace space domain names ago do not know what to do, casually upload a source, but also how to manage it, the pr update last time unexpectedly found pr rise to 2, the site also has a certain weight. At this time, after a period of exploration and rolling he also has some knowledge, so a careful analysis of the next site, Baidu a few key words, found the main key words Zhou dreams included more than 10 million dreams, Baidu index search volume also 4w many. Suddenly find it too difficult, check the keyword ranking of their site, in 100 pages. (Now the card in the position of a few fluctuations, up to only 11. Did not enter the home page, hey) The original source code is not enough, a lot of problems. At that time, do, do not do it. Do not be a pity, try it anyway, when learning practice. So we started to optimize the revision up.

In this made a bold revision, for the program, layout changes, but retained the previous keywords and titles. Then re-update the contents of the daily quantitative update 5-10 articles. Plus a little bit of optimization. Very lucky to find that not all the k off by Baidu, the old collection slowly k off, but the new one after another included, but was Google k, Google included more than 1,000 were originally k. Insisted on the update for some time, coupled with the basic observation of this period of time was considered stable, so the revision is completed.

Then keep updated and start sending foreign links and looking for friendship links, during which also occurred a lot of misfortune, slowly increased in the key words, some people began to take the initiative to exchange links, and some days added a friend exchange links, Check his station, similar keywords ranked very high, pr is high, readily agreed, then do not understand, that picked up cheaper. But in recent days through the webmaster tool to check the friendship link, always find his station without my link, go to his station to see and see. I wonder, is not a tool wrong, because tried other tools also show there, so I simply enter his web site to view his links and found that only 10 to a few, but to his station how to have a look 4.50. Check the home page source code did not find too abnormal, check some of the relevant information, the original link cheat this thing children, so seriously under his source code, or did not see the clues, technology is not home. One time I did not intend to see the forum to see some of the links to see the link skills - to see Friends of the chain is effective, look at each other's snapshot of the source is a very good way. So check the next, really found wrong, in addition to the webmaster tool to find the links, some other front links js. Naturally, my station is also inside, only to find that I had been cheated, as the website is not published, I do two similar keywords in this category is the operation, the rankings are very front. So, think cheaper when it comes to think more, lest fall into the trap of others.

Recently Baidu update algorithm, the ranking is very unstable, but I still continue to learn, enrich themselves to deal with every mutation. Changes are often surprising things, and only be prepared to adapt faster to unknown variables.

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