Novice Tutorial: Teach you how to correctly select the domain name, host, record

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Novice webmaster How to choose the right domain name, host, record, these three steps if a step wrong can be said to be regret


1. Domain Name selection:

This believes that most webmaster know, short (such as the number of course the shorter the better), easy to identify, in line with their own site (such as the beginning of the name of the first letter combination, the general choice of more popular words)

2. Registrar selection:

Whether domestic or foreign registration, choose the reputation of the well-known good, so that future protection will be greatly enhanced

Domestic such as: million nets, new nets, such as: Godaddy,enom,

Probably because the last cnnic to the CN domain name reorganization, many stationmaster to the domestic market confidence is insufficient, but everybody must know the CN domain name belongs to Cnnic tube,

International domain name they are able to see, can not touch, can't control, international to ICANN management, when you choose International Domain name, do not worry about this

Therefore, we recommend that you choose as far as possible to choose domestic, personal summary of the reasons for roughly 3:1 after-sales technical support can effectively communicate, if your English is good, the problem is not big, 2 more convenient daily follow-up fee, 3 control surface version easy to operate, foreign basically are English.

3. Domain Name permission

To know whether the registered domain name has all the administrative rights (such as transfer, transfer, etc.), the general small registrars will not give you all the authority, which is why to choose the reputation of the credibility of a good registrar of one of the reasons, in addition, large registrars are well-funded, the credibility of the protection.

Two. Host Selection

1. I often see many people ask, where the host good?

First of all, we must follow the first principle, choose a large host, well-known reputation good. All of us should not be fooled by some businesses with low prices, = = what.

Domestic such as: million nets, new nets, such as: godaddy,enom, stability, security, speed will be better, after-sale technical support more perfect.

2. Is it better to choose domestic or foreign?

According to their own site is different, if the site is mainly targeted at foreign groups, then the proposed selection of foreign.

Mainly for domestic, that choice is better, perhaps we will say that the record is too troublesome, (the current filing system upgrade, large host has its own record system, filing is very simple and convenient, also do not have to take photos)

Do not know whether you have considered, a main user of a website is in the country, when users browse your Web site to see your website even the record number is not, I think the site should be a great degree of trust to discount.

More conducive to the search engine included, tested by Baidu on foreign host collection seems not so smooth.

3. Choose what host is most suitable for yourself

General personal Webmaster Select a virtual host enough,

Currently common host system unlx/linux/windows, language: php/asp/.net/jsp, Database: Mysql/sql/access and other components on the support and control of the surface version of the features and so on,

General space size selection to leave some room, the proposed choice of more than 200M, the specific size can be selected according to their own program needs,

4. Can change the host often?

Change is possible, but the search engine included a very large impact on the previous work may be done in vain, this is why to choose the well-known reputable host business main reason, so choose to be cautious.

Three. Record

First of all here to remind everyone under the proposal not to find someone on behalf of the record, why. Here is an analysis

There are generally two ways to make a filing, 1. You do not have to provide any information, just tell the domain name on it, 2. Use your own information for filing

The first way to harm, the information is not their own, untrue, very easy to be seized, then want to record two words "very difficult."

The second way of harm: Although the information is their own, but the personal privacy is easy to disclose, there is a major reason, the filing will provide you to manage the user name and password it? Even if you are going to manage where,

Because an ID card can only record a subject, a subject can add n sites, such as: "Later I want to add a new site, where to add to

Detailed record of the process and attention can be seen here under the "3-day rapid record of the successful record of the site to share the experience" is a previous article I wrote.

Everybody has any unknown place, may add me qq:420646826 or QQ group: 115215960 Mutual Exchange

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