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(A) how to buy a web host is one of the most frequently asked questions for any new website builder

The following analysis will give you a full understanding of the current host market! The so-called virtual host (Virtual Host / Virtual Server), also known as virtual server or shared server, refers to the use of special hardware and software technology ,, in a server, the host The business can make it into 10 virtual, also can be virtual into 100, and the virtual host for each additional double the number of places, then the operator will reduce the cost of 1 times, while the host will double the cost, so a single Server users to place the more, the lower the cost, the price will do cheaper, can imagine the quality will be worse, when the server bandwidth is saturated, the server performance has reached its limit, it can no longer be guaranteed on the server Each web host is stable.

As a domestic two-lane host brand to provide high-quality, cost-effective two-lane mainframe is known for its cutting-edge power network has always been that: If you increase the user's way, reduce costs, with ultra-low Price to attract users, will inevitably lead to a vicious cycle of the entire business chain, especially the virtual virtual host industry, rational price positioning! In the premise of ensuring the quality of the host without compromise, as much as possible to help customers, cutting-edge dynamic Web hosting prices Custom made full account of its feasibility.新锐 动力 网 Two-line web hosting products are always dominated by M-class hosts, more and more webmasters tend to rational! Select high-quality, fast and stable host, the space is no longer seeking large but more suitable for their own Cost-effective host space! 新锐 Dynamic Network G-class host highlight is that the development of its virtual quality standards system, truly meet the needs of large space users! 新锐 动力 网 - 双线 主机 网 that improve product competitiveness, the key is to improve the virtual Host technology content, the current virtual hosting industry, most IDC business, excessive emphasis on business volume, virtual server technology content is not high, especially in the virtual host resource sharing and distribution, can not be reasonably allocated (sometimes because of a virtual host user Excessive consumption of server resources lead to the entire server can not access all the normal website) So count the number of users less, unstable factors still exist, the new dynamic network of two-lane host independent research and development of ACT intelligent flow control system can be a reasonable allocation of virtual server resources , Take full advantage of the remaining bandwidth to greatly improve the stability of the virtual host!

(B) on the VPS, web hosting, independent server comparison

VPS lies between Shared Hosting and Decicated Serber (standalone host).

VPS translated into a "virtual private host" Compared with Shared Hosting What are the benefits:

Stand-alone system includes a separate operating system http ftp ssh sendmail mysql and so on are independent Only you alone in the same as the virtual host is a lot of people share in the safety and freedom of performance than the virtual host to good.

You can choose your own php mysql apache version you want to upgrade to upgrade to install other software? Do not look at the face of the host business can be installed in some of the full managed program can also ask the host to help you install Help you upgrade Unlike the use of virtual host encountered when you want to use certain software or library only to find that the host business does not support a little better host may also help you install most of the situation may be their own touch of the nose Another host business.

Use VPS performance and stability than the virtual host high in the virtual host environment is easy to be dragged on the same host with other sites if the same host some sites use a lot of system resources your site can easily become "turtle speed" .

(C) What is a two-lane virtual host?

Two-lane website space, also known as smart two-lane web hosting and intelligent two-lane web site space is to solve the problem of north-south telecommunications and China Netcom users interoperability special launch of smart two-lane web hosting services. Smart dual-line virtual host refers to the same server with both telecom network and China Netcom network lines through the routing intelligence to determine the user's IP address of telecommunications users to access the site to access telecommunications lines Netcom users to visit the site visit Netcom lines to achieve the exchange of visits between the north and south the goal of.

(D) buy virtual hosting should consider a few factors

The choice of virtual host that space choice.

(1), speed is the first one

Straight-through fiber speeds are certainly much faster than standalone hosts that use low-speed lines such as ADSL.

(2) Stability is very important

Of course, in addition to speed, we also pay attention to the stability and security of the network environment, such as service providers to buy a gateway firewall, whether there are 24 hours a day monitoring all kinds of attacks from the network ... Do not have the above conditions of the host service providers Even if its price cheaper, it can not be used.

(3), think about how much space you need

Virtual host server provides the type of hard disk space is divided into independent Web space, database space, independent post office space. The size of the virtual host space is mainly based on the number of published information. If your website contains about 10 to 150 pages, each page counts the relevant images, there are more than 100 KB, then you rent about 60MB of space. If the page is in a few hundred pages or more, and you need to have database support, the amount of space you need should be between 100MB and 200MB. When the actual space required can make up the difference to apply to the service provider to increase the size of the space; if the beginning of a large purchase space, you can not always have so much on the back will not be able to escape, is undoubtedly a waste of money.

(4), consider the virtual host software conditions

Server virtual server generally use Windows 2000/2003 (NT) and UNIX (linux) two server operating systems, both have their own strengths. However, for companies who frequently call various databases and need to design ASP web pages, they can only use Windows 2000/2003 platform and UNIX systems support PHP.

(5), know the location and price of the virtual host

The location of the server is also purchased must be carefully considered. If the site's information coverage in the country, then the United States to rent a virtual server is the best choice. If the scope of advocacy is mainly in the country, then it is best to rent a server placed on the domestic telecom node. Sensitive to price, as appropriate.

(6), after-sales service is not in place

Such as "unable to create e-mail," "home page can not be accessed," and so common after-sales problems, probably many of the friends who have a web host are often encountered. Some service providers will sell in the first place, after-sales service is not perfect, to remind our friends to compare more to find problems.

(E) server hosting and virtual host What is the difference

Server hosting business can be subdivided into server hosting and virtual hosting (Virtual Hosting). Server Hosting places a server on a company with a networked environment connected to the Internet, or leases a server to it. Customers can remotely configure the server as a WWW, E-mail, or FTP server. Virtual Hosting refers to thinning the hard disk of a whole UNIX or NT system, and each subdivided hard disk space can be configured as a www, email, and FTP server with an independent domain name and IP address Server, when viewed by people, do not see it is to share a host system resources with others. Users renting space on this machine have full control over the part of their space that is owned by remote control technology, such as file transfer (FTP), such as uploading and downloading information, configuring application functions, and more. It should be said that through the "virtual host" this way has an independent site, its cost performance is far higher than their own building and maintaining a server, the current way to establish the site by more and more enterprises and institutions use.

(Vi) the technical advantages of independent IP:

(1) Reduce the probability of IP being blocked: Just as other virtual hosting customers on the same server have IP blocked due to irregularities (such as yellow gambling) or policy-based disposal (such as the Olympics), your Independent IP virtual host will not be affected.

(2), from the implicated attack. When other virtual host customers on the same server are attacked, your stand-alone IP virtual host will not be implicated.

(3), to enhance the user's web search engine is included levels and opportunities. If an IP corresponds to only one website, the search engine will rate the site to be of high quality to improve the inclusion level, while sharing IP will result in a lower inclusion level.

(4), you can use IP access directly. Users can directly access the site through independent IP, to avoid the general shared IP access directly with IP will get an error, you can increase the corporate image.

(5), you can achieve generic domain name binding. Independent IP can be achieved in the past can not achieve the Windows virtual host pan-domain binding function. And the user can resolve the domain name to an independent IP, do not have to do binding to access the site.

(Seven) web hosting services four programs, as well as their own problems

Background: At present, China is divided into Netcom, Telecom, Unicom, Railcom 4 companies. Owing to the independent operation of the four companies, the entire Internet has long been in a situation where the entire Internet can not be interconnected rapidly. This means that if you purchase a web hosting company on a Netcom line, visiting customers in the South can be rather slow. If you are buying a web hosting provider, Northbound clients will be slow to access your site. What's more, at present, there are still some users in China through the Unicom, Railcom, mobile Internet access. Only a few clients of this client can access your site normally. This severely reduces the amount of traffic to your site. In order to make your website to better development, rent web hosting suggest that you choose dual-line web hosting provider.

At present, there are several service providers in the web hosting industry that launch various kinds of web hosting services with interoperability between north and south. Their solutions are broadly divided into four categories.

(1) dual server dual room program

Disadvantages: In addition to users need to pay double the cost of hardware and software, the biggest problem is the synchronization of data, and the first visit to the site Netcom users will be very slow (because the domain name is the default point to the telecommunications station), to enter the preview Page after the user has prompted to visit the corresponding sub-station, but also requires the user to manually select.

(2) single server dual line single / double IP program

Dual-line room basically solved the problem of data synchronization, and can reduce the cost of maintenance and hardware investment. Such room is divided into two types, one is a dual-line single IP solution; the other is a dual-line dual IP solution. Such room will be the IDC room for the future, will also be the basic solution for interoperability between North and South. The solution of dual-line dual-IP is to connect the two lines to the equipment room and set them on two IPs of the same server, and then perform related processing. The solution mainly solves the problem of data synchronization and repeated hardware input. Dual-line single-IP solution is to connect two lines into the equipment room. The dual-line access load balancing design of the single-IP is set up by the switching router, and then the related processing is performed. This solution saves Ip but increases the switching router. At present, dual-line single IP room in Beijing adopts more, dual-line dual IP room adopts more in Hangzhou, and other regions have just started. Dual-line dual ip intelligent analysis of the domain name is not mature, and the binding of the server ip Many servers support only one binding, or telecommunications ip, or using Netcom ip. Need users to choose their own, which in fact can not solve the interconnection Interoperability issues. Only solved the website owner's maintenance question. Single-server dual-line single ip program is the most mature program.

(3) smart domain name program (dual server)

Disadvantages: the same as the first program, double the cost, and the "smart" domain name is not mature in the country, often occurred when telecommunications users access to Netcom ip situation (because ip database inaccurate).

(4) CDN solution

Through the relevant procedures to automatically crawl the user source server data, and then cached on different network nodes on the server.

Disadvantages: Most of the CDN technology is now more mature in dealing with static websites, and websites that are highly interactive like full-motion pages are not yet mature. This solution is the simplest and easiest to use for the user, but it does not work well for highly interactive websites, and the cost of a CDN is high. At present, more than 90% of the websites in China are interactive websites. In addition, because of the immature technology of intelligent domain name resolution required by CDN, there is a certain distance between the effect of CDN and the second solution.

(Eight) large business website need to choose what kind of virtual host?

For businesses, e-commerce is a strategic system engineering. A good e-commerce site, both business should be the propaganda business card, but also a tool for business prospects of the front desk, you must enrich the corporate culture, all the business functions and business processes concentrated in the above.

Web hosting is the soul of the site, whether large or small and medium enterprises, web hosting must be done: fast, stable and secure, so that businesses can rest assured that better use of Web site business. For large-scale e-commerce sites, the general virtual host has been unable to meet the needs of enterprise development, so in the purchase of virtual hosting must be cautious.

Large-scale e-commerce Web site using the virtual host, whether it is from the operator's choice, or from the function and virtual machine size has higher requirements. Coupled with the virtual host market threshold is not high, good and bad service providers, sometimes hard to choose a more appropriate.

Now, businesses no longer have a headache for these issues, cutting-edge dynamic network Zhiqiang business virtual host series, Extreme dedicated virtual host series is designed for large business Web site solutions, take supreme business A-type virtual host, Extreme dedicated A-type, it supports Unix / Linux operating system and PHP / JSP; independent web space 3000MB; independent bandwidth; send 1000MB VIP Group post office; MySQL database, automatic backup, and the database space is not limited to size; Version; multiple domain name binding; multi-sub-site support; free GCDN website accelerator; multiple sub-site image acceleration; advanced access to statistical systems; support for WAP; optional telecommunications / Hong Kong room

新锐 动力 网 is one of the professional web hosting service providers in China providing customers with fast, stable and secure web hosting services. The cutting-edge power network owns China Telecom, China Netcom and Hong Kong, China. With 20G access to Chinanet backbone network, it has the leading bandwidth resources among major ISPs. It has the first-class standard equipment room environment (standard rack, UPS, Air conditioning, lighting, etc.), high-speed and stable bandwidth access; network environment, safe, reliable, unobstructed; professional technical staff full technical support, 24x7 network and server monitoring, providing customers with the best quality web hosting services! service.

(Nine) small and medium-sized business hosting choose what skills

(1), the strength of web hosting services, businesses now do virtual hosting too much, so you can see dazzling, before buying a virtual host, first review their qualifications, there is no authoritative certification, etc., though not entirely This point to judge, but this is a very important point, you can as a reference to the first pass.

(2), the virtual host speed, to test more. It is best in different locations, different time periods, different connection methods, try your own website to see how the speed of the virtual host, do not forget that practice is one of the means to test the truth.

(3) It is important to understand what limitations a host has, and some web hosting providers often turn off some important server features for "security" or other reasons. This is very important for running a large website system.

(4), functionally, the user in the choice of virtual host, we must pay attention to choose their own current must use the features, such as corporate offices, web services. Other features in the need to increase, do not pursue the big and the whole.

(5), in the product line, pay attention to the product line provided by the virtual host is a very important point. A large-scale virtual hosting provider will provide users with different industries and different fields with a very detailed application solution. For example, some virtual hosts may increase the gift of an enterprise post office, and some may pre-install online shops, blog programs, etc., We can according to their own circumstances targeted selection of virtual host.

(6), the price, when you buy the host business, the price and quality are your number one consideration, the Chinese often say "cheap and not good," although not the law, but there are several Directions for your thinking. When you rent web space, web hosting, the price is too cheap host company, the company has no room for profit, the future operation will be a rough road. Hosting companies that cost too much may not have patronized customers and their future operations will be bumpy.

(7) In service, this is the most important point of all choices. No one of the virtual host products do not appear a little problem, the key is out of the question service can keep up, those who have the ability, the strength of the virtual hosting business will have such a service. So this is also a reference.

Understand the true load In fact, the normal operation of a site, the load is much more important than the space capacity. Although the premise of web hosting business application is based on multiple users sharing a separate server resource, it is necessary for users to know the service providers how many users will share the resources of one server with themselves. Because only the service provider in each user's resources to make a fair division, in order to fully guarantee the interests of most users. If you share too many users, the server is overloaded, it will inevitably lead to server stability is poor, there CPU processing capacity is low, the program is running difficult conditions. In general, depending on the type of web hosting service, there will be at least several users shared by each type, up to a few hundred limits.

Therefore, users want to get a "reasonable resources" to protect the virtual hosting services, we must pay attention to the strength of the relevant service providers. Therefore, the user is best in comparison to choose a larger web hosting service provider as a partner,

Investigating the maximum traffic is the number of visits to the user's website (that is, the sum of the data that the user's website is allowed to be invoked within a month). The service provider is also based on the reason that the server resources are allocated fairly and limits the traffic to each user's website . If you limit the value is too small will greatly harm the interests of users, and even think so, if the flow value is small, the web site space to no more useless.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the service provider's hardware resources are sufficient, traffic restrictions will not be too low. In order to attract users, service providers that need "full" use of limited hardware resources and can not open up many traffic values ​​will adopt the concept of adding only the hard disk in the server instead of acquiring the server, but only slightly reduce the space capacity of the same type of virtual host service Dozens of trillion higher than elsewhere, this quality of service, of course, no way to guarantee.

The number of connections guaranteed The so-called number of connections, refers to the instantaneous, can simultaneously accept the application to open the user's website page, the size of the connection value is directly related to the user's website login level. If you limit the number of connections is less, then the number of simultaneous access to the user's site will not be too much, the user site there will be waiting for visitors waiting for a long time not smooth situation. Usually no support for the number of connections to make the standard limit.

Pay attention to the online rate of website since it should be set up to keep running forever in order to ensure visitors to log in at any time. This is a matter of course, foreign web hosting services are generally on the user's site online rate commitment. However, there are not many companies in the country that explicitly promise to ensure that the online rate of users' websites is over 99%. Most service providers are prone to downtime due to bandwidth, hardware device quality and technical management restrictions, so they can not or do not want to Make a substantive pledge of public "quantification" on this issue.

Flexibility can not be ignored Flexibility refers to whether the service provider for small and medium-sized users with economic and convenient application service options, there are two points worthy of special attention to users, one is the ability to decide on the increase of space allocation capacity website, the other Is it possible to use a different operating system platform for the same price?

For many small and medium-sized users who have just reached the network, if the web application management interface provided by the service provider is not simple and easy to use, and the functions are not fully prepared, the website can not be successfully carried out in the future Operational use. To this end, it should be noted that whether the relevant service providers to the user's Web site with some value-added services and credit guarantees can not be ignored.

(X) VPS host and independent host, VPS host and shared virtual host what is not

What are the main differences between a standalone host and a VPS? Why do I need to upgrade from a shared hosting to a VPS?

The only difference between a stand-alone host and a VPS is that when you use a VPS, it shares the hardware and software resources of a server with other VPS users. When you use a standalone host, the entire server resources are yours People enjoy, therefore, VPS cheaper than an independent host, of course, less than independent host performance to be inferior.

There are many strict restrictions on sharing a virtual host. In order to provide a reliable service to all users of a server business, it is necessary to set some rules that limit a single account from using too much resources. VPS users can control a lot of server settings, so you get a relatively relaxed, free and personalized environment and service.

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