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Abstract: Engaged in SEO this industry has more than 2 years of time, intermittent also learned a lot of things, but also with a lot of master exchange, now looking back at that time really made a lot of mistakes, took a lot of detours, but the process of learning this

SEO industry has been engaged in more than 2 years of time, intermittent also learned a lot of things, but also with a lot of master exchange, now looking back at that time really made a lot of mistakes, took a lot of detours, but the process of learning this is so, it is impossible to smooth, so that the impression of what is profound.

A friend recently made a forum for me to answer some questions. So first added a lot of the official QQ group, often see some people ask questions, so you do not know how to answer, this time you can only rogue. Now I learn the process of encountering some problems and later feelings written out, I hope to have some help to the novice, can less go some unnecessary detours and less wrong ideas!

1. Fear, Wolf

Novice group inside a lot just ready to learn seo webmaster really worry about things too much, for example, no English, no web site, no server, no domain name, no file, no FTP, and so many problems, every day to ask not English how to learn seo, know the webmaster will be helpless to smile, There are a few English words in the simple HTML code, if you can not overcome this, what to talk about learning seo! It must be a good thing to find a problem, but to find out the problem is to solve it, instead of always doubting your choice there. Since the choice of learning seo, we should go forward and study without hesitation!

2. Do not use search engines

I would like to ask what we are dealing with in this line? Everyone's answer must be search engines, since it is a search engine, then why we do not use it! Some very simple questions, you do not need to ask in the group, not to say that no one intended to help you, but your own through the search engine to solve the impression will be more profound, but also exercise their ability to deal with problems. Can not solve the problem and then to ask others, their own problems described clearly some, so that we will be able to answer the detailed! So no matter what level, must first learn to use search engines, that is the tool we eat, hey!

3. Do not impetuous, SEO is a long-term process

A mention of SEO learning, a lot of people will ask half a month or a month can learn SEO? In fact, I think SEO is a learning process, search engine algorithm will always be changed, our site optimization also have to be adjusted. We sometimes participate in training, in fact, some basic knowledge and ability to solve problems, the latter is important, you mastered the learning method, no matter how, you will not fall behind! Although the process of SEO is boring, but we have to learn to adhere to, the remainder of the king!

4. Do not overly obsessed with SEO

SEO in the novice webmaster seems very mysterious, can bring a lot of traffic to the site, but we should know that SEO is only the network to promote the one of n many methods. Different sites we can consider different ways to promote, some sites you can bring traffic through the SEO, and some will not. I used to have a station 90% of the flow by Baidu's optimization rankings, and then the keyword rankings are down, the site is basically no traffic. So we learn SEO at the same time, can not ignore other promotional methods! Tips: This article is Wang card original, want to know more articles please search Wang Card (xian SEO), reprint please retain this copyright information, all rights reserved, offenders must investigate!

5.SEO is not a specific technique, it is a complex

If you study for a while you will find that SEO is like a hodgepodge, the design of the network technology is much more, the site code, PS, DW, FTP, web space, domain name, record, view keyword rankings and links and so on, a lot of things we just need to understand on it, More is the accumulation of their own experience and our ability to learn again, I have always been so think, learn the most important SEO exercise your academic ability!

6. More online and offline communication

SEO is also a need to communicate with each other industry, regardless of line or offline, through the exchange we can solve their own problems, the second is to understand the development of the industry, the third is to accumulate their own contacts. Don't underestimate the connections, this is very useful, the early A5 king, now Jijun, Kun, mouchangqing them, that one in the webmaster circles are youboy characters, especially the activities under the line, is a good method, such as webmaster Annual meeting Everyone can participate in, you can know a lot of peers!

7. Write your own experience summary

Many stationmaster all said cannot write, this question I did not say more, looked at my previous three articles you will understand.

Wang Kaka: How to find the material of the soft text

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5 kinds of Seo:seo in Kaka's mind

Some of the above methods are my own learning SEO process some experience and some feelings just, if you think there is a certain reason, welcome everyone to Exchange, QQ:279112698,QQ Group: 38413058. If you think it is pure nonsense, then a smile, do not shoot bricks, the hands of mercy Ah! Finally, I hope to be able to get the opportunity to communicate with you!

[Original article, reprint please indicate the source (Wangkaka! In this strong contempt for the people who steal articles, the most hateful thing is to change the copyright to his own people.

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