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I am a novice, write not good Daniel don't laugh. Novice Find links is a more troublesome thing, but as long as the use of brain can still find some

1. First, you need to know your site, that is, your location, your site type is what. Then try to find a site similar to your type to do a link. This is not only good for your rankings, and browsing with your type of similar sites may be interested in your station, then you will undoubtedly have more IP.

2. Then we know Peter. That is, you need to know some of the sites you want to link to the information. For example, PR is how much, Baidu,google included is good (site site, such as, is not collected from the garbage station. How many external connections (link URLs, can go to Yahoo), and how many sites are connected to that site. There is to see the future of that station, some stations may also like you, just started, but in your opinion more promising, then you have to exchange links with those stations. And try to find a site that has very little text links. If one station already has 20 text links, then add your up, you will not get any benefit.

3. When your goal has been identified, the next step is the most critical part-application links. If you do entertainment station, like me, you use the logo link for other people's text links, many forums willing to exchange with you. I specialize in looking for the Star Class Forum, because they all like the logo, but I certainly like the text link. Although their requirements are very strict, say what the number of registered members, but in fact it is not the case. You just have to, say something to praise their idol, say what album Big Sale and so on. Will generally succeed. And they don't look at you PR, because a lot of people do not know what PR is. If you do is a blog, you want to write a link to the blog, then you have to understand the blogger, and then cast the word, say something nice. For example, he wants to get something, and it happens that you can satisfy him, so it's easy for you to ask him to exchange a link. If not, you often visit his blog and leave a message. You are familiar with him, exchange a link also what problem, and with the blogger as a friend can exchange build station experience. People have feelings, so feelings can sometimes help you a lot of busy. There is the choice of special days to apply can also improve the success rate.

4. Generally do not go to many places at once to apply for links. Some people want to be once and for all. I am generally one-time to 3, 4 forums to apply, I lazy, you can each time one. The advantage of this is to let others know that they stand on the link in your station is good, if you go to 20 of stations to apply, then certainly some links in the location of their looks is not good, it will affect the success rate. When you have completed the first phase of the link exchange. So in the next issue of the link, you can appropriately to the current exchange of the site link in a good position, after you how to do all right, because they are very little return visit (hehe, and the change of position must be some well) but when you have not passed that application must give others a good impression.

5. Try to find a site that has already been linked to what you already have. For example a site and B sites are linked, and you already have a link, then if you can also do link with B is better. Because this means that many of the chain of links to your site. That's good for you.

6. Try not to join those self-help chains or anything. Because it's easy to drag other stations and be K

It is not easy to do anything, build station so, find links also so. There is no free lunch, only pay can get. Do not blame those PR high station do not link with you, because if it is you, you are not necessarily willing to exchange links with the new station. Rice or eat a mouthful, especially novice more down-to-earth, do not think all day skyrocketing. More brains, read more articles, more hands-on, I believe that many problems can be solved. I hope my humble opinion will help you.

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