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The site will be held on September 21, the third complete novice webmaster training lectures. QQ Group: 47,012,513 only accept complete novice. stationmaster old birds, please put the position to come out. Give the novice more opportunities.
Estimated time, September 21 7:30-10 points. Please tell each other.
This lecture is free training, admin5 stationmaster personally lectures. The content of the plan is:
Domestic stationmaster's past, present, and future reference
How to do stationmaster, need what condition, in Internet café how to do website. What tools are needed.
Code that is commonly used in HTML languages.
How to make the simplest page on this machine.
How to pick free space and use free space
How to purchase domain name and space, domain name and space value.
How to resolve a domain name.
How to manage Space Control Panel
How to upload the FTP software.
Webmaster Common software
Site positioning, home page design
How to copy someone else's template.
Make the first page of your life.
How to do several links, several pages.
If you promote your small station.
How to be included in Baidu, and put advertising code.

The plan is the content. QQ group 40702240, please do not join the webmaster, to give new opportunities, and the other night can not be rushed over the same time do not worry. We will regularly, once a week to organize a novice free training. Remember Admin5, remember this site contact way Step by step to become a webmaster.

QQ Group Rules
1 before the lecture, see the number, if a lot of people want to join, we will ask everyone on line, there is no online all t go, in order to allow more people to receive free training.
2 lectures can be invisible, the lecture is forbidden to interrupt, even if you say sentence maintenance order, because 200 people QQ group, often affect other people's records. The
3 lectures are divided into two sections, lectures and discussions, and discussions, please prepare your questions, and everyone can help you answer.
4 Lecture Notes Everyone organize themselves, pay attention to some details, because the lecture of the people, are the words of experience, often do not mark which is the focus, each individual to sum up.

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