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Now the "Chinese domain name", doomed to a flash, as Microsoft Vista, although now the so-called ". China" will be written to the global root domain Name system, but its destined to be the same as Vista, give people great hope, but also bring us great disappointment!

Chinese domain name, what is worth looking forward to, when I contact the Internet, then imagine when the network is pure Chinese, the operating system is pure Chinese, the software is pure Chinese ... When I first heard about the Chinese domain name in 2005, I was so excited that I found a Chinese domain name Haier on the internet. CN "Experience the charm of Chinese domain name, I suddenly found that the so-called" Chinese domain name "is so that I feel uncomfortable, I think it does not matter, will certainly improve, I have been watching the development of Chinese domain name, to 2008 years, I heard that" China "domain name appeared, I tested again, feel very awkward, As a person with seven years of "net Age", my first reaction is "real rubbish, another behind closed doors", enter a domain name, need four formalities "1, switch Chinese Input Method-2, Switch English ime". "-3, then switch Chinese Input Method-4, press Enter", (my God, my last site is so difficult?) Look at "Haier, China" and "", I estimate 800 years, I will not use "Haier, China" such a domain name!

So I looked at the cnnic on the Chinese domain name introduction, I almost did not spit out, but also the United States its name Yue: "To enhance national self-esteem, meet the different levels of people use, effectively protect the company's brand", as a more than 20 years of Chinese, I really feel embarrassed! The word "nation" is so trampled on by these people!

First of all, as a young man, I began to teach my parents online "I said you can enter the Chinese domain name online, let dad try, Dad looked at the dumbfounded," This is also simple, than I input HAO123 are trouble, I do not have to, is behind closed doors! "

Second, as a student of computer network and a member of the School Computer Association, I surveyed a part of the students, we generally think that the current "Chinese domain name" will not be used, too troublesome, if it is "Baidu, China" or "Baidu, China" "Baidu, China" Such a domain name, still can consider, but like " Baidu. CN "" "Baidu, China" in this way, the foreign domain is basically not used!

Moreover, I want to ask that as the initiator of the Chinese domain name, CNNIC also does not have the Chinese domain name such as "Internet Center, China"!

2008, I joined the employment of the Army, in the company to manage the site and network publicity and other aspects of business, since 2008 to now like resources such as network companies constantly call the company said, "Your Chinese domain name expires, please quickly renew, the other party claims to be cnnic authorized units." (actually what is the Chinese domain name, common Web site, the concept of English domain name even the customer service itself did not understand the phone, you pretend not to know, answer him, he said more and more outrageous, is the match with what Chinese, Baidu or Google directly search, the information is their management. No renewals will be deleted. However, today, another customer service in a very blunt tone to me that "your network trademark if deleted, you are not responsible for the responsibility, I hope you carefully consider", the Russian God, these individuals think themselves ... I checked on the internet, found that a lot of people have encountered this "domain name fraud", to tell the truth its disappointment is extremely, for such "Chinese Domain name" registration, I do not expect, I would not have to use!

And I'm thinking about why a good thing, be cnnic to do, in the ". China" domain name will be written to the global root domain Name System, "I wish cnnic again," but at the same time hope that the vast number of colleagues, webmaster and rice farmers attention, such a Chinese domain name will only be short-lived, unless appear like " Baidu, China "so, at least let us use, will use, want to use the Chinese domain name, and then to invest, and then to register, or worthwhile, now after the hype, will only be a bleak, even the Chinese do not want to use the" Chinese domain name "will not mention" to the global "! Also hope that cnnic can do some better programs, more investigation, not just to seek "money" and ignore our grassroots netizens and webmaster, let the Chinese people really like to use, want to use, happy to use Chinese domain name!

The following is a friend wrote the article, really incisively and vividly, only for everyone's reference, thank you, and hope that all kinds of reprint, so that more friends can clearly understand what is now called "Chinese domain name", lest go astray!

A lot of the website to see write, the site below write "local network real name xxx", "This station general website xxx", Welcome to use the network real name to visit this site, can not help but for stationmaster's ignorance wry smile--the typical is sold, still help others to count money. This article will talk about the real name of the network, the general Web site and the topic of Chinese domain names. What is the real name of the network? The network real names is a product that 3721 launches, its principle is to install the plugin on your browser, make you can enter Chinese in the address bar to reach the website that it specifies.

First, what is the real name of the network, the general Web site and Chinese domain names

1, the network real name

What is the essence of the network real name? Network real names is now a network of Alibaba products, the beginning is 3721 launched a Chinese Internet products, November 2003, 3721 sold to Yahoo China, and then Yahoo China was Alibaba merger. The essence of network real name is a kind of search engine in disguise, and his basic model is not different from the google,baidu of our common use. The only difference is that it uses plug-ins to put the search box on your browser, in addition, if you enter the Search keyword is already purchased from 3721 words will jump directly to the user's website, which is similar to the Google search box next to the "Good luck", the difference is that the real name of the network is collected money, The naked money relationship, Google is using the database to calculate their own analysis. About its essence, the author contacted 3721 of the customer service personnel themselves are not clear, the company's services can be seen.

Why is the network's real name a garbage? It is about the technology itself and the way it is marketed and the technical ethics it carries. It first uses the virus-type transmission way, the computer user does not have the knowledge to install own plug-in on your computer, then sells the keyword to the people, in fact a strong buying strong sale behavior. In the actual marketing process, its marketing staff often say to people, this is the Chinese domain name, the website's only Chinese number, how authoritative, malicious fraud customers. If you start talking to them, they start peddling for years, more than 10 years, even so-called lifelong service--I don't know why there are so many businesses that believe in so-called lifelong service, and which company can fully promise not to fail for life?

Why does the real name of the network still have a market in China? The Internet originated in the United States, from the digital IP age to the English domain names era has its inevitability. However, when the Internet entered China, the English level of Chinese netizens has not yet reached the level of full use of English domain names. As a kind of auxiliary addressing technology, network real name has been adapted to the needs of Chinese netizens objectively.

Why does the network real name have no future? As a way of addressing the Internet, English domain names have the sole authority in the world.

The first is that its governing body is an international non-profit organization ICANN, which can circumvent the risks of a general commercial company, and secondly, the spirit of the Internet is the global interconnection of the world, in addition to Arabic numerals and English letters, there is no word symbol is universal, third, The technical structure of the site also determines the English domain name is a real site address, otherwise you are not for every page of your site to buy a network name to play? Therefore, the English domain is the only authoritative website number. The authoritative position of the English domain name is to respect the majority of netizens, especially the owners ' interests. Because 3721 such technical barriers are not high, now there is a common web site and other similar products come out, when the market is fully competitive (mostly unfair competition), each account for some market share, that is, each user's browser installed a different company Plug-ins, and you have been promoting your so-called Chinese website name, If you want to avoid the flow of loss, you have to give every company for your so-called Chinese name to send money, this price is someone else to decide. The only English domain name you can trust!

In addition, with the vast number of Internet users to improve the knowledge and technology, awareness of protection rights, 3721 of such technology model itself is immoral, marketing model more immoral companies will not have any market. What is the value of network real name? The value of the real name of the network should be returned to the essence of its search engine. Search engine is one of the most common ways of website promotion, by purchasing the right keywords for the search engine will usually bring some traffic to your site, such as the network real name such a large flow of search engine or have a certain value, but is definitely not 3721 advocated the same as to choose the number of the same purchase, And should be like the purchase of Baidu keyword analysis. Most of the search engine traffic is new users, most of the old users will be through the site's domain name or favorite folder to return a visit, therefore, search engine keyword purchase should be mainly targeted at potential users. such as "sister-Professional Women's website", according to 3721, you should certainly buy "sisters", but this is meaningless, in fact, you should consider what your potential users will search for keywords, I will choose the "fashion" "Pop" "makeup" and the like words.

Of course, now the search engine so flooded, global Google, focus on Chinese search Baidu, portal boss Yahoo also launched a yisou,sina,sohu and other portals are not outdone, there are hard to join in the search, shunt a large number of users, as to whether or not to choose 3721, Or should be based on their actual needs to choose.

2. General website

What is a generic Web site? The common web site is basically similar to the network real name, its owner is cnnic (so far did not understand whether the CNNIC is a commercial organization or government departments, but others claim to be "China Internet Network Information Center", much like the government departments, can do some things do not dare to compliment)

Whether it is a real name or a common web site, the principle is to install Plug-ins on the user's browser, so that users can enter the address bar in Chinese to reach their designated website.

Basically and 37,211 kind of stuff, only its owner is cnnic, this does not know is a person (business) is a ghost (government department) Guy, with its special background, the expansion, the specific proportion is not very clear, the market is said to be less than 3721, but also the first catch. Its properties and applications are basically the same as 3721.

In 2001, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently announced the launch of the "Universal Web Site" test, and the United States, South Korea-related companies and domestic domain name registration agents to set up a "common Web site Technology research Group", August 2 they are impatient to start "universal Web site" of paid pre-registration August 4 began the formal registration. Industry insiders exclaimed: This is cnnic after the Chinese domain name, for domestic enterprises to carry out another round of money movement.

The message from CNNIC said that the common Web site technology is to establish a common web site and Web address URL of the corresponding relationship between the browser to achieve a convenient way to access. Users simply enter a generic URL in the browser's Web site, for example, to enter the Ministry of information industry to achieve access to the Ministry of Information Industry. Although the market already has introduced the mature similar service, but only they launch the common website is the national standard, only then has the future.

An unnamed industry celebrity in an interview with reporters pointed out that their company last year also participated in the Chinese domain name registration, paid a large sum of money, but the Chinese domain name has not been normal and effective use, but as the management of Chinese domain names and to seek the benefit of the cnnic without any explanation. Now, in the general website propaganda, their own evaluation of Chinese domain name is not mature, but the domain name part of the Chinese, still in the adjustment and development. In that case, should they charge a large amount of registration fee to the enterprise? Similarly, the common web site is currently at most experimental stage, it has no use, how many people are willing to use is not known, cnnic but once again as a government authority to start the promotion and charges, and claimed that individuals can participate in registration and transfer, On the one hand, we have created a tense atmosphere that must be quickly registered, on the other hand, caused the future of the general Web site management of the inevitable chaos.

It is reported that CNNIC itself does not have the ability to do the common web site independently, so they have a lot of United States and South Korea related manufacturers to do together, including the United States R EA LN am E S. But industry insiders pointed out that the core technology can not be disclosed to us, then, the so-called national standard of the common Web site technology is pinched in the hands of the Americans, not become a big joke?

3 years of network real name of the 3721 companies are domestic to do this service the most well-known enterprises, 3721 chairman Zhou told reporters that cnnic in the process of promoting the general Web site not only in many ways to plagiarize their real name, but also a lot of misleading domestic enterprises, they will take legal means to safeguard their own rights and interests.

3. Chinese Domain name

What is the Chinese domain name? The Chinese domain name is divided into two kinds, one is the NSI Chinese domain name, also called the International Chinese domain name, is the. com and the. NET Domain name Registration Bureau, is also before ICANN appears the international Domain name Management Organization, the background is deep. The basic format of NSI Chinese domain name is: Chinese. com Chinese. NET Chinese. org. Another is the cnnic Chinese domain name, the owner is cnnic (so far did not understand whether CNNIC is a commercial organization or government departments, but others claim to be "China Internet Network Information Center", much like the government departments, can do some things do not dare to compliment). The registry of the. cn domain name. The basic format of cnnic Chinese domain name is: Chinese, Chinese, cn, Chinese, Chinese, Internet. In the past no matter what kind of Chinese domain name, all need plug-in support, but now cnnic in the country vigorously promote the background of Chinese domain name,. CN's Chinese domain name can be accessed without plug-ins??

Now on the internet, a wave of buying Chinese domain names has sprung up, it is said that Microsoft IE7.0 support Chinese domain name, the author I quickly downloaded the IE7.0 browser now experience the next, not like the internet said, input Chinese can directly open the Web site, to enter the www. then enter "Chinese" and then enter the English. cn The format of the entire Chinese domain name is www. spray Crane net. com, direct input "spray crane net" can not directly open, then you think which idiot will be in the address column like www. The crane net. com input, Spray crane net. com, to first lose English, then input Chinese, and finally switch to English! Yes, that's what idiots do. In other words, you bought a Chinese domain name and so on the month no use.

And we think about, Chinese domain name how to support email address, can let the foreigner send mail, first installed a Chinese operating system, and then install a Chinese input method, hit your Chinese domain name?

If a domain name does not support email communication, then his value falls by half. The internet is beyond the national boundaries, narrowing the distance of the world's national exchanges, but the internet to interconnect, different nationalities, the realization of various ways of communication, can only use a language, so far, Only English can take this responsibility. It is not patriotic and unpatriotic. Other countries do not have their own language domain name, why China will make such a money, this is like a liar sold a piece of Martian land to you, no one will go to Mars to live your building.

4. Differences between ICANN and CNNIC


Internet Name and digital address assignment agency (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

is a non-profit international organization founded in October 1998, it is a non-profit international organization that brings together experts in all fields of business, technology and academia in the global network, responsible for allocating space for Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, assigning protocol identifiers, generic top-level domain names (GTLD), and country and region top-level domain names. (CcTLD) system Management and root server System management.

These services were originally provided under U.S. government contracts by Internet number distribution authorities (Internet assigned Numbers Authority,iana) and other organizations. ICANN now exercises the functions of IANA.


China Internet Network Information Center (Receptacle Information Center, CNNIC) has not yet figured out whether CNNIC is a commercial or government agency, but it is known as the "China Internet Network Information Center", much like a government department, More like China's state-owned enterprises, can do some things do not dare to compliment, and state-owned enterprises "China Mobile", "China Telecom" and so on advocate "people when [swing] home" [pig], "The pursuit of" hardship in the money, enjoy in the thick "). The Management and service organization formed on June 3, 1997, exercising the responsibilities of the National Internet Network Information Center, cnnic the leadership of the Ministry of Information industry in the business and accepted the leadership of the Chinese Academy of Sciences administratively. Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center undertakes CNNIC operation and management work ...

As a public-private organization, ICANN is committed to maintaining the stability of Internet operations, promoting competition, representing the global Internet organization broadly, and developing policies consistent with its mission through bottom-up and consensus-setting procedures.

Second, the network real name, general Web site, Chinese domain names have no future

English domain name, as an Internet addressing method, has the sole authority in the world. The reason is as follows: 1, the English domain name Management Organization is ICANN, is an international non-profit organization, may evade the general commercial company the risk; 2, in this world, in addition to English letters and Arabic numerals, no word symbol is universal, The universal nature of English alphabet and Arabic numerals and the spirit essence of Internet interconnection are completely consistent; 3, the site's technical structure also determines the English domain name is a real site address, otherwise it is not necessary for each page of the site to register a genuine network or a common Web site? 4, To use these three kinds of Chinese Internet services, you must install Plug-ins (it is said that IE7 began to support the Chinese domain name), and these plug-ins are currently the most system optimization software as a rogue software cleaning treatment, how many users voluntarily installed these plug-ins?

Third, why the real name of the network, the common web site and Chinese domain is garbage

Often see the real name of the network, the general web site of high user volume and high coverage of the report, 3721 and Cnnic ask yourself, how many netizens are installed voluntarily? How many netizens ' browsers have been raped by you? How many netizens are angry about the forced installation of your plug-in and the inability to uninstall normally?

The real name of the network and the common web site are rubbish, which is aimed at its technology and its marketing methods and the social morals it carries. The network real name and the common website first uses the viral transmission way, in the user does not know, in the user's computer forced installs the plug-in, then to the people (especially the enterprise) to sell the key word, actually a strong buying strong sale behavior.

The Chinese domain name is rubbish is for its marketing method and its own structure. Chinese domain name is included in Chinese domain name, not exclusively Chinese, domain name can also be mixed with letters, numbers and English punctuation. Just think, how many netizens will be switching input method for a while to lose the English language, a moment to lose Chinese characters, and then the English period, or even bring a number to complete a Chinese domain name input back to visit a website?

In the marketing process of the bombing, the salesmen usually use the following methods:

1, tirelessly to be pushed to the object, the network real name, the general Web site and Chinese domain names are enterprises in the Internet intellectual property, the only identification, strongly recommended that enterprises must be protected.

2, the direct threat that your company's real name, the general Web site and Chinese domain names to be registered, reminding enterprises to register immediately to protect the Internet intellectual property rights.

3, in the telephone to create a "I want to note, I want to note" Chaos scene, your company should register immediately, or be registered. In fact, most of the scenes on the phone are planned recordings that the promoters deliberately play.

4, send a fax to the enterprise, the recipient often write corporate president-level people, listing a large number of the network should be registered real name, general Web site and Chinese domain names, do not register these rubbish, will lead to what the consequences, very alarmist.

The fact has proved that the real name of the network, the common web site and Chinese domain is garbage

Now the sale of the real name of the network has been very few, and the general Web site and the Chinese domain. Those who have seen through the rubbish deliberately ask, "Do we also need to register the real name of the network?", marketers are now the most likely to say, "The network's real name is now obsolete, that is the past 3721 of corporate behavior, there is no protection, the registration of generic Web sites and Chinese domain names is now the right choice for enterprises." ”

Once the hot push of the network real name, how to become obsolete as a flash in the pan? This makes me think of the already disappeared network real name of my brother "3721 Chinese mail." It seems that the common web site and Chinese domain name outdated days also soon.

First-hand to create the network real name, now the Q Tiger Chairman Z, now the whole of a 063 security guards, is bent to destroy "3721 network real name", the internet on this behavior praised as "once the big Rogue, now carry the Internet anti-Rogue banner."

Read this article of the sales, I hope not to sell these rubbish to me, read this article was pushed to success, you will continue to be in your own site to write the "website real name xxx", "This station general site XXX"?

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