NSN first show multi-user commercial performance of LTE system

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Nokia Siemens Communications recently to the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute and China Mobile Research Institute successfully demonstrated the LTE system multi-user commercial performance. The demonstration in the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Institute laboratory, reflecting the LTE of the latest achievements in the commercialization process, is to promote the LTE industries in China's rapid development of another milestone.  The demo proves that Nokia Siemens Communication Flexi LTE base station products fully meet the performance test requirements of the Ministry of Communications and China Mobile communication. This multi-user (Multi-ue) feature demonstrates the use of an open interoperability model, using Nokia Siemens Communications Flexi LTE base Station and Third-party performance testing equipment, in the single cell performance test at the same time access to 25 users of data uplink and downlink transmission. In the testing process, each access to the LTE users are reasonable scheduling of the base station system, cell capacity stability in the theoretical peak rate, the entire scheduling and operation of all calls did not appear abnormal drop-off phenomenon, fully in line with the Ministry of Software and China Mobile base station performance requirements. This demo is the industry's first breakthrough in the previous Test phase Limited User access restrictions, the field to verify the LTE in the multi-user scheduling to higher capacity development (>100UE) feasibility, with the ministry and China Mobile for outfield scale test and system commercialization provides a practical reference index.  At the same time, the presentation fully demonstrates the reliability and maturity of Nokia Siemens commercial Flexi LTE base station products, which can provide a solid foundation for LTE large-scale outfield testing. "We are pleased to have taken another critical step in the development of LTE business, which is the result of our long-term commitment and the tireless efforts of our developers," said Pumblechook, vice president of the Nokia Siemens Communications Network Systems Division. We will continue to work with industry partners to establish a sound LTE ecosystem to achieve the goal of LTE all-round commercial deployment. ”
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