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July 9, Jingdong exclusive debut of ZTE's new generation of Nubia mobile phone: Nubia Z7 Max (Ngau) and Nubia Z7 mini (Mavericks 3), Jingdong Mall ( and Jingdong WeChat "shopping" entrance Simultaneous start of the first round of two new aircraft booking. One Jingdong WeChat "shopping" mobile terminal, more than 500,000 mobile phones 5 days an appointment.

Nubian launched the Z7 max and Z7 mini two new products known as "mobile phone SLR", not only follow the Nubian series of mobile phone main professional camera features, and its camera upgrade to version 4.0, support for " Star Tracks "," Light Painting "shooting, and add" nebula "mode. The Milky Way work "Instant Eternal" by this phone was taken by the Beijing Planetarium and created the precedent for the domestic planetarium's collection of mobile phone photography.

In addition to photographic functions, the Nubian Z7 series of mobile phones are also excellent in terms of hardware configuration. They are equipped with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 801 processor and a Sharp 5.5-inch full HD display with 32GB of body storage. In addition, Z7 max and Z7mini for the first time 4G full network connectivity, and an increase of dual-card function.

The appointment is the exclusive mobile phone product of Jingdong WeChat "Shopping" platform, and for the first time, it launches the entire new product sale activity under the "Brand" section. The section targeted to meet a certain brand loyalty, the pursuit of quality people appeal. Accurate column selection, becoming Nubian new machine pre-sale hot an important reason.

According to Jingdong WeChat "shopping" platform staff revealed that "brand" column rich user resources and strong purchasing power is also Nubian new machine pre-sale hot an important factor, the current "brand" column regardless of the daily traffic or daily turnover Volume, in Jingdong "shopping" are located under the three sections are in a leading position, we can see WeChat users prefer brand products.

To tie in with Nubian new machine release, Jingdong WeChat "shopping" as early as the pre-sale on the "can shoot stars mobile phone" as the creative starting point, launched the "pops" shoot star fun games, activities, access to a wide range of consumers Participate, but also became a hot topic in WeChat circle of friends.

Wang Xiaosong, vice president of Jingdong Group, stressed: "As a long-term strategic cooperation partner of Jingdong, ZTE has made remarkable achievements in the function of camera phone. The previous generation Z5Sn, Z5S, Z5S mini three products were acquired in sales channels such as Jingdong A huge success, this Nubian Z7 series of products a new upgrade, we are confident that with the Nubian team work together to provide consumers with a better user experience and product purchases. "

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