Nuclear war on your fingertips how fast do we need a cell phone?

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Strong performance + Intelligent Environmental protection = Samsung Exynos Once Upon a time, consumers in the purchase of mobile phones More is a fancy product appearance, system, function. However, after the development of smart phones, people's purchasing reference factors have changed greatly. A part of the population gradually shifted the focus of attention to the ability to determine the smooth operation of the mobile phone hardware performance, and the performance of the phone with the processor has a direct relationship. However, for now, most consumers are not very understanding of the mobile phone processor, can only be simple through the single core, dual-core, quad-core to differentiate the performance of the processor. In order to enable you to fully understand the mobile phone hardware information, this article we will focus on the current smart machine platform mainstream processor chip manufacturers and related products, but also will answer a question in front of everyone-this mobile platform nuclear war, the mobile phone in the end how fast? Some people use mobile phone hardware information habitually compared to cold parameters, in fact, this analogy is very appropriate. While chip makers are still working to develop new architecture processor chips to follow Moore's Law cycle, but in this senseless nuclear war, people are slowly tired of the hype of hardware parameters, and mobile phone manufacturers are gradually beginning to weaken the propaganda of hardware parameters, in turn, focus on the user experience. In the first half of 2012, the arrival of quad-core CPU Let us feel the change of the mobile chip, and the second half, Samsung, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments and other chip manufacturers have also been ready to send, in the system platform three-point world has been basically settled, the mobile chip between the nuclear war is more confusing. How fast do we need a cell phone? Strong performance + Intelligent Environmental protection = Samsung Exynos in 2002, Samsung paid millions of dollars for all of the intellectual property rights of arm. Ten years later, arm chips have ruled 90% of mobile phones and 70% of tablets, and Samsung's purchases have laid the groundwork for their later technological and intellectual-property reserves. Samsung's early launch of ARM chips used the original development code, until February 2011, Samsung Electronics formally to its ATM-based processor named Exynos. Exynos name before, the more famous chip is s3c6410 and s5l8900, they are based on the ARM11 architecture, the former users have the Charm clan M8, the latter is the Apple iphone use of the CPU, the process is based on the 90 nanometer level, the frequency of 412MHz. The S5PC100 processor is the first Samsung ARM chip with CORTEX-A8 architecture. It was used on Apple's iphone 3GS, with a frequency of 667MHz, and the process was upgraded to 65 nm. The first Samsung S5PC110 processor, which uses the Exynos 4412 chip (Samsung Galaxy S3), is Exynos 3110, which uses a 45 nm fabrication process, frequencyReached 1GHz, at the time of the A8 structure is a dominant position. The processor is used in Samsung i9000, Nexus S, the Phantom M9 and Samsung P1000 tablets. Then we successfully ushered in the Samsung Exynos 4210, Orion is its new code. It uses 45 nm process, has dual core 1.2GHZ processor and integrates arm Mali MP graphics processing core. On behalf of the products are Samsung i9100, i9220, the Phantom of the Family MX, samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. After the improved version of Exynos 4212 will be the production process to 32 nm level, more energy-efficient while also increasing the frequency to 1.5GHz. To say that the latest Exynos four nuclear processor is the Samsung Galaxy S3 adopted 4412. It is based on the A9 architecture, with 32 nm technology, and, somewhat regrettably, it also integrates the MALI-400MP graphics processor. Samsung Exynos Series chipset most performance reviews: from the development process of Samsung electronic chips, we can see that their development has been to improve performance, reduce power consumption, enhance the 3D graphics processing capacity development. From that year's single core strongest, then to today's four nuclear run points to dominate. Samsung's product development is surprisingly fast. However, for Samsung, the hardware upgrade is not the only way they promote the product, the Samsung Galaxy S3 release we have more to see its functional highlights. However, in order to comply with the market, the Chip road will continue to develop steadily, the future is the biggest expectation of Exynos 5250, and the most likely to be the first to use Exynos 5250 chip should be Samsung Galaxy Note 2. There will be further improvements to the EXYNOS5 Series's computational performance and graphics performance.
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