NVIDIA announces GeForce Grid cloud gaming platform

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The rise of cloud computing is designed to simplify the user experience and provide the most optimized user experience, GTC Technology assembly in the field of computing has slowly turned to cloud computing, as GTC2012 's play, Nvidia announced its latest GeForce Grid cloud gaming platform, Further narrowing the cloud computing experience.

We know that the traditional games, whether online games or stand-alone games are to the server client-client mode transfer, the need for higher network services, network latency and other serious impact on the user experience, GeForce grid cloud game platform launched through the remote processor game content, optimize network transmission, Ensure that the latency control is similar to the local operation, thereby improving the user experience.

The advantage of the cloud gaming system is that it allows game-makers to stop obsessing over device compatibility issues, allowing them to devote more energy to gameplay. Nvidia plans to reduce latency by building multiple data centers that allow users everywhere to stay a long distance. It is reported that the first data center is located in Sunnyvale, California, the United States, the vicinity of players in the network delay will not exceed 10ms.

Nvidia has now launched the first grid graphics card, the use of dual-core GK104 chip, equipped with 8GB video memory, video memory transmission bandwidth of 320gb/s, you can simultaneously processor four-channel coding.

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