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O2O indeed red all over the river North and south, but flowers bloom, those who have been killed in the O2O project, and how many people care about it? Scene this thing is very good, because many O2O have created new scenes against humanity. This article, the author attempts to take you to see the nature of O2O, hope in the O2O on the road to the small partners a lot of calm thinking.

The recent development of the Internet in the United States and China has begun to differ, the United States experienced a long post-industrial era, so many traditional industries have converged the Internet, now in the mobile internet era, the United States began to stride into the era of the interconnection of all Things (IOT). And China's development is from the industrial era directly into the internet era, the internet has not been a steady wave, and now has moved the internet era. Therefore, the post-industrial era and the mobile internet era gave birth to the O2O with Chinese characteristics.

In the United States, the impact of O2O is not obvious, only a few of the simple service industry. And the United States of all things connected to the development of the way forward. While China's "O2O" has become the annual hot word for the Internet circle, its reality is false too prosperous, lack of O2O evolution stage, the 2014 intelligent system of entrepreneurship basically lost, smart wear, smart home and so also need to wait for O2O evolution of the great environment completed, China can full speed into all things interconnected era.

First to reveal the nature of the O2O.

Two "O" is the line below, can be upside down. Two worlds, one is the virtual one is the reality, the core is the link, is "2". "2" is the link between the two worlds, "2" is the core of the "scene" is the link between the two worlds scene. What's the scene? 2015 in the "First year of TMT" article in a detailed explanation, here can be simply understood as a life habit of the inertia of the continuation. When connecting two worlds to meet people's use of the scene, more than the original use of the scene optimization, convenience and cost savings, then this O2O can exist, there are potential commercial value.

The following is a summary of the existing market 12 O2O direction, combined with the evaluation of the sub-super, for everyone to think about.

1. Regional Internet Transformation O2O

Regional Internet is the product of the PC era, large and small area site there are many, facing the mobile internet scouring, many stationmaster are very confused, of course, a lot of webmaster also began the transformation of O2O. The essence of the regional Internet is a medium in the region, so it has a link role.

How to transform O2O? Ning Zhe Network founder Zhou Ning gave a very good answer, is to combine businesses do offline activities. The activity itself can turn the website traffic into the effective vertical data, lets the user become the real O2O user, when the offline activity has facilitated the merchant and the user's transaction, the website also became the O2O platform truly.

O2O can solve the transaction closed loop, can also filter out the real effective user data, so the vast number of PC area Webmaster can refer to, such as wedding and car and so many areas can be organized offline activities.

2, group purchase transformation O2O

Buy the core problem is through the distribution of the scene to the media marketing, this is like web site drainage, can not guarantee the drainage to the business after the service or product quality assurance. In any case, group buying is to help marketers, so the whole link is very passive, especially in the face of most small and medium-sized businesses.

O2O is a two-time optimization of the flow of standardized goods and services, for example, movie tickets, watching movies is standardized goods and services, whether it is a person to see or two people to see, cinemas should be put, so it is necessary to work with internet companies, not like restaurants, good restaurants eliminate group buying.

The other is to help the cinema to build a ticket machine, optimize the process of ticket, at the same time from the O2O system. If group buying is Consumer-to-consumer, then the transformation of O2O is like buying a group, more standardized, more profitable, and stable.

3. Classification Information Transformation O2O

Recently ye have appeared in the net ads, Yang Power still feel 58 very magical. Classified information the originator of Craigslist in the United States is basically quo, mainly because there are many powerful websites in other industries in the United States. And the current Chinese internet especially O2O still have a lot of space can enclosure, and you do not enclosure, others even your land are circled. To survive in the crevice, you must embrace change. Classified information The current advertising language is mainly looking for work, some time ago to rent a house, do takeout, have tried.

Classified information to do O2O the biggest problem is that the public is clearly the platform to release information, do not have to do their own intermediary, do vertical intermediary equivalent to open a new company, if not good will capsize. On the other hand, the platform should focus on the regional community, which can simulate the O2O of the regional Internet. Another example 58 home, and 58 of their own population positioning has a certain degree of differentiation, so the classification of information-type transformation O2O advantage will not be obvious.

4, eat takeout and taxi O2O

Eat takeout O2O Originally is a dispensable industry, this is like group buying, delicious restaurants do not need, and even since the establishment of the system, poor restaurant than do not do, the more the credibility of the platform is lower. This thing is more difficult to do independently, after all, the expansion of the market costs too much, if it is already with the industrial chain upstream and downstream of the United States and the general public comments or may do, but the hope that this bigger, very difficult.

The other is playing the O2O market, two days ago said drop and fast merger monopoly, in fact, this market can analogy bento market, there are no such platforms are the same, just in the big city individual time to take a taxi will need, this is the big city peak time long tail demand, is not a monopoly, another, If the O2O is more promising, it is the private car playing behind the system, can subvert the taxi industry, but also to see policy.

Counter-view analogy take-away O2O words, recently came out a love chef's app, really can subvert hotel? Common People's habit is very difficult to change, even now the senior chef sufficient, also still can't let the common people form new dining scene, want to and play software like burning money willful?

5, Map extension of the O2O

The map has always been the first choice for bat, whether it is the future of the car network or the current O2o,bat must have a war, the first is Baidu adjusted for the three business groups, mobile cloud Division and the Department of LBS merged, by the Mingyuan responsible for moving and map to strengthen. The second Baidu overseas investment Pixellot is possible after personalized Baidu Street View video, investment indoor Atlas to further expand the expansion of the interior map, can be associated with the shopping mall O2O, Baidu still invests in Brazil's largest group buying company and the originator of the U.S. software company, These are the entire layout of Baidu O2O.

Tencent's investment in NavInfo and the public comments, plus the micro-letter of the LBS ecology. Ali to the acquisition of the gold map and the United States Group of shares, plus O2O is the service of the electrical business continuity, so Ali for the map of the O2O is also the same. There are Tencent and Ali two dozen software investment merger, resolutely map O2O has constituted the Baidu vs Atten pattern, the show also wants to see 2015, small companies can not afford to play.

6, HTML5 O2O

HTML5 in 2014 The rise of the main reason should be micro-letter vigorously support the results, of course, but also Baidu and Sohu and other large companies to embrace HTML5. HTML5 's O2O aspect, must be Baidu's direct number shoulder eldest brother's role, of course Sohu's fast station also followed, the inevitable other Internet companies will also enter. HTML5 's core is actually compatible with mobile phones and computers, but also compatible with the social presentation and dissemination of super app micro-letters.

From the PC to the mobile phone, basically except the way the app is only HTML5, if it is a simple business, or do not want to do particularly heavy, its own HTML5 can also be very light development. Although HTML5 is a language, but the mobile phone application scene opened that O2O is also able to say the past, micro-letter became the mobile phone's Super browser, the mobile phone back to WEB,HTML5 Absolute main. Regardless of the future of the direct number, HTML5 's exclusive O2O scene to create a prosperous.

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