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Groupon, the originator of the group, released its second-quarter results in October, far less than analysts had expected, with shares plunging at a record low of 23% per cent that day. Dingogang checked, Groupon's latest share price has dropped to 5.79 U.S. dollars, a 20-dollar IPO offer, down 70%, is now only 3.88 billion U.S. dollars, far below the 2010 Google's report on its bid for 6 billion U.S. dollars. In contrast, the United States and the public comment on the two major O2O giants delayed the city, but let dip O2O concept, but the actual classification information of the 58 with the city first, have to say that this is a sarcastic thing. In fact, veteran O2O companies have begun to encounter multiple dilemmas. Dilemma One: Excessive overdraft we have all experienced the same year, the fierce battle of burning money. After the Great War, the vast majority of group buying sites have fallen, the remaining few still exist is also dying, I do not know how long to persist. Leaders of the United States and the public comment on the delay has not been listed. The problem with the traditional group-buying website is that most of the cases can only bring one-time consumption to the business and lack of customer stickiness. In the early days, the competition of the Thousand-Regiment war has already overstretched the healthy group buying market. Dilemma two: regulatory inability in order to rob customers, O2O operators can easily reduce the quality of the business audit, inadequate supervision, resulting in a lot of damage to consumer interests of adverse consequences. Dilemma Three: The growth of the weak tradition to provide information as a selling point of O2O enterprises such as the city, 58, as the provision of information generated by the marginal economic benefits of the decline encountered growth bottlenecks. As with Groupon, the veteran O2O Enterprises have two important background factors, first, the rapid development of mobile Internet, so that each consumer and service can connect and correspond more quickly, which results in the lower value of third party information and marketing platform. Secondly, the O2O of the past are to serve the business as the starting point, to earn the money of businessmen, and ignore the user. The extreme mode of user experience in the group buying war ended up as a domino of group buying. Consumer-to-consumer's strong rise in the traditional O2O dilemma, the new Consumer-to-consumer business model is strong rise. Dingge with another sentence called to intermediary, directly to the consumer and the server connection. Carving Ye's Beaver home to nail division and do the female Nail customer connection, pp car rental cars with the people want to rent a connection, the Law fighter network and other sites to the lawyer and customer connection. Other such as plastic surgery, property, tutoring and so on have startups and investors to kill. Unlike the traditional O2O, traditional, O2O is the service line of the organization, so that offline agencies through the network to obtain more "customers", and Consumer-to-consumer is directly under the destruction of offline stores, the liberation of craftsmen, skipping intermediary. To put it simply, the cost of a store-type intermediary under the line is so high that it has become increasingly impossible to support past business models. and using Consumer-to-consumer to skip the intermediary, the consumer access to services, the price is cheaper, the craftsmen can get almost all the income, income increased, natural power is stronger. New Consumer-to-consumer model, or weCalled O2O 2.0 breaks the limit of three dimensions of time, place, organizational structure (i.e. service \ Product provider). This means that the Consumer-to-consumer company will open the platform simultaneously to the service provider and the receiving service, thus the service and the pricing can standardize, the traffic growth is more obvious than the traditional O2O pattern, the transaction volume will be bigger, the platform can make money at both ends. That is, the so-called O2O of the real meaning of the closed loop, the profit is easier. The advantages of Consumer-to-consumer are obvious, more flexible, cheaper, more profitable, every link of the participants benefited, most importantly, in social networks, Consumer-to-consumer for good service Word-of-mouth communication has a strong advantage, each customer after the service, can help the brand through the way of two times spread. Every customer is your fan and potential disseminator. The Consumer-to-consumer model can have three kinds of classifications: 1. Products and services at the core of the transaction, is actually a service and product leasing, such as car rental and rental industry, pp car rental is one example; 2. Redistribution of the market is a transfer and redistribution of ownership, such as a letter of desirability; 3. Collaborative sharing, including the sharing of skills and assets, such as standing cool, pig elance and the like. The entry threshold for this transaction is low and it is easy to quickly attract platform traffic and service providers. With the development of Internet technology, the mode of shared economy is more rapid and widely spread. On the Internet platform, through the way of using the right to use, people used to have some idle assets can achieve "make money" and obtain economic returns. The most famous example is America's vacant apartment rental website: Airbnb, which is now the world's largest shared apartment site. In the field of car rental, America's newest start-up company FlightCar is also a typical representative of the shared economy. In the United States, many people drive to the airport, then park in the parking lot, and then fly. Imagine, after coming back, waiting for you is not a parking bill, but a check. FlightCar is a platform for renting unused cars from airports to people in need, and is also responsible for maintaining and washing cars. The challenge is to match the time of the car and the owner's time, which requires a consumer-to-consumer algorithm, which is the advantage of the new type of Internet platform. Consumer-to-consumer tide Unstoppable, even bat also began to layout consumer-to-consumer industry, Baidu acquired Glutinous Rice, Ali acquired a gold map, Tencent has just injected into the pocket shopping investment. And Taobao Amoy Point, Baidu Direct number and Tencent's micro-letter store marketing, but also is the internet giants are looking at the Consumer-to-consumer market promising. At the same time, the traditional O2O enterprises are also in the Consumer-to-consumer positive layout and transformation, the public comments do can fall off the sale of business, 58 with the city investment e generation is the transformation of the performance. In 2012, Gartner estimated that the market potential of peer-to-peer financial lending would reach $5 billion trillion, and that the potential of the entire consumer-to-consumer market would be or could reach $400 billion trillion, a huge vault. Summary: Consumer-to-consumer in today's Internet environment, in addition to earningMoney has multiple meanings. Airbnb is not only a tenant, but also social, beaver advocated by the craftsmen of personal brand building and so on, all of this is subversive of the existing order. And in the future, all services will be Consumer-to-consumer platform sweep, only craft good to get the best business, information transparency and the comparison of craftsmen to let profiteering and opacity disappeared in the invisible; everyone will be the winner, except the offline intermediaries who are still outworn.
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