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Double 11 Carnival of the sixth year, almost all of the electric business platform are beginning to look for a new way out, simple online promotion has lost heat, simple pc seconds kill also not how many consumers go after, no doubt the families racked their brains to play innovation, in fact, in order to be able to grab more than 11 of the amount. But, after all, the trademark is Ali's, previously only a paper "ban" let other electric dealers disorderly, although it is a small episode, but change the material overnight, recycling posters can not hide the loss of face of the passive and embarrassed, not as suning to the happy, downright innovative one, in the other electric dealers erected four sticks, Continue to do their own second O2O shopping festival.

In fact, for Su Ning is not wearing a crown is not important, from the second half of the line under the full integration of the O2O mode of basic molding, in this carnival node on how to innovate to stand out? How many surprises can these innovations bring to consumers? Can these surprises be a surprise to you? ...... This series of problems is the focus, and suning this O2O shopping festival on the launch of the chief surprise officer, the recent years to do O2O turn straight to the effect of innovation in the form of marketing in front of consumers, to consumers to find more surprises, has been able to be regarded as the industry leader.

A, based on the status of consumer life surprises marketing.

The chief surprise officer is a new marketing form introduced by Suning, I have been emphasizing O2O to serve as the leading important, whether to achieve the effect of surprise, depending on whether the consumer to grasp the perception of goods, that is, enhance the service experience is not a single limitation in the strengthening of quality control, customer service, logistics, after-sale and other qualified in the experience. Think about it, as long as consumers in micro-blog to make a Wish, Suning's chief surprise officer will be able to help you to achieve the next day, and there are not outfits million physical prizes per day, exemption from the single qualification, Hong Kong and Macao Tour, Tesla transfer and so on a variety of activities presented in front, consumers will feel that this is like a custom-specific game, feel the care, Rather than blunt promotional promotions.

Therefore, it is difficult to relate to the consumer's living condition and not to realize surprises.

Second, the aggregation of consumer surprise service experience.

Suning This O2O shopping festival not only to ensure that the traditional one-stop-shop service, but also continue to innovate to take out free, regret and other services, businesses in the details of the intention to bring consumers to the human care can be considered the ultimate service experience.

Under the line, Suning's first free service is free foil, "low cost + existing stores" combination, so that get a very sticky customers become very easy, this O2O shopping festival, Suning continue to do this good drainage mode, let surprise officer send out "4+n" free service to expand free range; and online , Suning from the 818 shop when the launch of 0 Yuan Flash racket activities, the transaction record of 1500 yuan to take the car, 0 yuan to grab the information of home appliances, even I have to experience a, this O2O shopping festival for the first time to add 0 yuan to the house of Flash, to a very low price to shoot large commodities, can be regarded as a free online experience. This dual-line polymerization consumer's way is very flattering, so that suning earn flow, Word-of-mouth and satisfaction at the same time, also formed a line under the flow of the closed loop, and double 11 between the flow is very large, it is not difficult to produce fission-type transmission effect.

In addition, in the past 11 many consumers because of the impulse often excessive consumption, suning this time to seize the consumer worry about the difficult psychological problems, with the form of surprise officer and consumer interaction sent "regret medicine", promised consumers can 15 days without reason to return goods. As a result, for consumers of impulsive consumers to provide protection, suning in the O2O shopping festival ushered in a group of crazy shopping is not impossible.

Based on the above two points, Suning O2O shopping festival played the "surprise officer" Trump, bring us the surprise is not to be underestimated, from the Micro-blog topic heat is not difficult to find, just less than 3 days, the chief surprise officer Li bin launched the # Cool 11 seats Surprise Officer # Reading volume reached 120 million, discussion 61,000, consumers for such marketing is very recognized, perhaps not to do this interaction is marketing. Naturally, to achieve such a marketing effect and Su Ning has the strength to provide the ultimate product user experience is inseparable, this is also other electrical business platform is difficult to achieve.

The chief surprise officer as the O2O shopping section of the main marketing strategy, on the one hand, to avoid the same marketing of other electric dealers, earn enough consumers eyeball, on the other hand, Su Ning Chief surprise official endorsement, the use of personification of the charm to drive the topic of concern, Imperceptible will 11 of the promotional information passed to consumers, both grounding gas and fashion, In turn, stimulate the consumer's excitement, trigger the consumer to speak for themselves, from the passive push activities into the consumer initiative to explore the surprise service, so that consumers realize the true openness, interaction, equality, care.

This heavy marketing while focusing on the real user experience of activities, continuation of the "I-oriented" concept, the online interaction and online services through the surprise fusion together, really do some of the benefit of the things, this is the real value of O2O Shopping festival, have to say, suning this step chess walk really wonderful!

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