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February 24, 2011, the Hdwiki Series construction Station Lecture 23rd invited the Oak Photography Net co-founder, the famous network marketing expert and the famous it reporter Yang Ping, talks with everybody about the network marketing. Here are the highlights of this session.

Moderator: Hello, Miss Yang!

Yang Ping: Good afternoon

Moderator: Yang teacher, first can and our webmaster friends briefly introduce yourself?

Yang Ping: OK, I first in Pconline, Enet, Tom and other websites, and then participated in the creation of the Oak Photography Network, has served as the Chinese Internet Association and a number of companies in the network marketing consultant. The development of network marketing to the present, has been very mature, whether it is the basic means, or marketing media, almost all have been familiar with, here, we first review the history and Status quo, and then combined with several examples of network marketing in recent years and the next few years of new changes and novel.

Moderator: Yes, Mr. Yang has a very rich experience in network media, today he will be from the perspective of network media and in-depth discussion of network marketing.

Yang Ping: First of all, we look at the basic object of network marketing, probably including the following two categories, according to the classification of different marketing means and transmission channels

1, products or technology (including computers, mobile phones, automobiles, clothing ...) All goods)

2, celebrities or stars (including singers, models, designers, photographers ...) All services)

Secondly, we will understand the basic means of network marketing:

1, the news propaganda, hires the professional writer member, publishes the news in each kind of news website, its result may search in the Baidu "The News" search, this kind of propaganda often carries certain authority.

2, interactive promotion, employing professional push hands and thugs, in the forum, blogs, micro-blog, social networking sites for carpet bombing.

3, rogue means, spam, trojan program, this is the most original and most effective network marketing, but also the most effective way in the future.

4, the virus means, creates the attractive content, lets the netizen voluntarily spread, for example QQ space reprint, or QQ group's forwarding.

These basic means, mainly suitable for the need for rapid red products or services, provided that this product or service has a strong adaptability, young and old, and north-south take-all. But for some narrow masses of products or services, can only part of the use of these means, or reduce the spread of marketing, only focus on some to achieve the goal.

For example, there are many electronic manufacturers in Dongguan, Guangdong, they produce counterfeit electronic products, they used to widely use the basic means, the surface is very wide, and in the past has been very effective, but now not. 2003-2006, Mp3,mp4 very fire, many manufacturers hired a professional PR company, in Pacific or Zhongguancun large-scale publicity, its complete model is as follows:

1, marketing target: A new electronic digital products, such as a digital camera or smartphone.

2, marketing means: A, the product before the news preheating, such as "Spy photos", "Jump ticket" and other reports. B, Product press conference, website special Promotion. C, product evaluation, in-depth introduction of products. D, promotional activities, trial activities. E, hard advertising.

3, the current challenges: more and more digital products, selected in the E-commerce site advertising, such as Taobao, Jingdong Mall, new egg nets, and so on, and so on, which instead of Pacific or Zhongguancun to do integrated communication to be more practical, more direct-oriented buyers.

However, with the passage of time, Taobao, Jingdong Mall, new egg nets, such as the rise of electronic shopping malls, Guangdong Dongguan, the Shanzhai enterprises no longer rely on the previous marketing model. This is because Internet marketing has a history of the biggest turning point, which is, "2006 ago, advertising and purchase is separate, after 2006, advertising and purchase is already integrated," some people say "media is the channel, channel is the media", of course, Pacific or Zhongguancun still just media, and did not become a channel, but, Taobao, Jingdong Mall, new egg nets and other electronic mall but realized the "advertising and purchase integration."

"The media is the channel, the channel is the media", this is the current network marketing people should pay attention to, especially for small entrepreneurs. For example, to my brother's Taobao shop for example, Honghu Jing Lotus seed Taobao shop. The store was opened in February 2009 and was crowned in less than a year, with a 2010 turnover of millions. So how does this work?

Of course, similar to this crown shop, there are thousands of Taobao, you may ask, usually I did not in Pacific or China Agricultural Network and other websites to see their publicity ah? What does that mean? For small entrepreneurs, the marketing tools used in the past have not worked. Now, if it is open shop in Taobao, or later in Jingdong Mall, excellent network, Dangdang, new egg nets and other shopping sites to sell only the brand of goods, you should follow the following pattern:

1, marketing objects: a taobao shop, or Taobao shopkeeper pushed a certain product, or in Jingdong Mall, the main push of a product.

2, marketing means: A, Taobao advertising, such as the advertising through train. B, repeat, Taobao no matter what new services (no matter whether there is no marketing effect), you have to first pay to experience, you for Taobao, Taobao will not forget you. C, in order to create a "popular commodity", we must do a full effort on Taobao. D, for example, you sell canon a certain camera, but Taobao may have thousands of of businesses are selling this thing, so how can you become popular goods? The answer is only one, this is no matter what Taobao launched a new service, you have to pay for the first experience. E, the reason is very simple, this is like a company to create the world's largest 300-inch led advertising screen, Beijing Wangfujing Street or Shanghai Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall on the big companies will rob the installation of this thing, the first installed on the Please, the second installation is also good, and other people are installed, you install, it is useless, You can never be a popular commodity. F, auxiliary marketing means, Taobao launched a large Taobao concept, what is called the big Taobao? Big Taobao is simply the consumer community (for example, people who buy digital cameras will be on the oak screen or the shadow of Mowgli), such as oak Photography Network, 55bbs, 58 of the same city, these are all covered by the big Taobao area, Taobao covered by these sites to do interactive promotion is very effective.

In the current situation, Taobao, Jingdong Mall, excellent network, Dangdang, new egg nets and other sites will be invested heavily, using the aforementioned network marketing basic means of publicity, but for these e-commerce from the small sellers or small entrepreneurs, must follow these e-commerce sites, Marketing on these e-commerce sites is the most effective.

For example, in the case of a new book, such as the full guide to digital SLR photography, which was listed in January 2011, how can this book be promoted? According to the previous practice, should be in various media advertising or publishing news, but now? Now you just have to do enough on the Dangdang, Doing kung fu in other places is a thankless task.

Dangdang on the following methods can be used: 1, buy Dangdang advertising to promote, to win Dangdang and Dangdang staff's goodwill and familiar. 2, in Dangdang repurchase, popular point is to do, let books quickly into the sales list, with God's first impetus, the earth turned up. This, regardless of which E-commerce site, is a must do, but the number of different, for example, sometimes you buy 10 books on the promotion, sometimes you have to buy 100 books to promote. 3, in the Dangdang to do well, for the evaluation of the difference in shielding or let it fall to the humble place. This technique has been tried on Taobao.

Before doing this work, there is a question to be clear, is your product or service is competitive in the market? Only likely to become best-selling products or popular goods, you can work hard you go, is the so-called, if you do not attach importance to, then who will pay attention to it? so that Network Marketing has returned to the marketing of the 4p principle of the first P, this is the product itself, only competitive products, you, and your partner will be willing to push, if this product, even you do not want to push, then there is no future.

For example, now Taobao clothing shop, there are two cases, 1 is selling counterfeit brands, 2 is to sell their own creation of new brands. The sale of counterfeit brands, of course, there is market demand, but this also shows that the store for their own products lack of confidence, in fact, how bold you are, and how big the production, now more and more Taobao shopkeepers choose their own brand, their own design, to find their own factory orders, these processes and the previous big-name manufacturers are the same. Now is a best time, as long as you understand Taobao and all E-commerce Web site marketing Way, you can have confidence to create a brand. Based on the confidence of self interest and reliable quality of self products, and then assist with certain marketing means, can achieve success, the key to success lies in confidence. And all guilty of selling high-quality fake brand Taobao shopkeeper, may be in the future unlimited regret.

Now, there are many entrepreneurial opportunities, this is almost the same as the US after World War II, for example, the owner of the Columbia Outdoor Products company, who decided to make his own production because he could not buy a suitable outdoor outfit, and the owner of Italy's Manchester Tripod company, who was also a brand-name because he could not find a suitable tripod. There are a lot of such opportunities in the market, there are many subdivided market can be dug, the reason can be dug so fine, all because of E-commerce.

Just speaking of small entrepreneurs in E-commerce platform marketing, and now a simple talk about people's marketing.

On the promotion of Internet reds

1, marketing objects: celebrities or stars (including singers, models, designers, photographers ...) All services)

2, marketing means: A, interactive promotion is the most important. B, virus means. C, press to keep up.

3, Marketing Focus: A, dare to say dare to do, the courage to sacrifice, do not care about saliva. B, to have a clear purpose, what is famous for?

Of course, we don't have to be a public star, but we can be stars in our own field or within a small circle. Then I'll focus on how to be a star in my own field or within a small circle.

Marketing methods for the masses, especially micro-blogging and self-mutilation, are not applicable to niche areas. For example, to be a photographer or a star in a web designer, you can use the following methods:

1, adhere to write a blog, or spend some time and energy in some relevant forums as moderators.

2. Organize some offline communication activities.

3, participate in some online interviews, or pay the reporter to do positive reporting.

4, the production of mailing lists, that is, mass e-mail.

These are all very simple, but it is not easy to stick to them. In short, network marketing is the most fundamental, lies in their own and product or service confidence, lies in passion and sincerity, today's lecture to end, I hope to help.

If you are interested in our lectures, welcome to join the Hdwiki Encyclopedia building station Lectures official QQ group. Currently opened seven of the official group of only the remaining Hdwiki Webmaster 5 groups: 125246989 can apply to join, the students grasp it!

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