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Share life happy you and me? "Show Me Style Contest" digital Life Community Moderator recruitment!! In the morning of Monday, is working Apple received a packet from shop 1th, she side of the strange open, but found is full of a box of their favorite cotton candy, is strange when he received a friend's message: small greedy cat, happy Birthday!  Originally this is after graduating from university has been their own work in the off-site friends to send their birthday gifts. Although the cotton candy is not very expensive, but so attentively, let Apple immediately full of happiness, then her entire office colleagues and she shared the blessings from afar.  Along with Apple's birthday message, her friend's purchase of snacks in shop 1th as a birthday gift gave a quick spread across the company.  With the popularity of online shopping, Jingdong Mall, Dangdang and other main home appliances, Books Online shopping has long been popular, while the main one-stop life-style shopping platform after the arrival of the 1th shop, will be supermarket shopping moved to the Internet, but also led to a new round of online shopping trend. Anniversary teaser New Tricks "This year I tried to buy Zongzi on the internet, did not expect mom and dad received very like, friends also feel very surprised." "In a network company to work, Miss Li said, she has been online shopping habits, this year because the Dragon Boat Festival can not go home on duty, so I bought a few boxes of rice dumplings in shop 1th for parents and friends to send the past, the result everyone is very happy."  Ms. Li said that it is not only convenient to buy Zongzi in Shop No. 1th, but also that the product is rich in choice and the price is more favorable. In the past, the Dragon Boat Festival, online shopping dumplings teaser become a lot of busy white-collar gifts first choice.  Compared to the traditional SMS, telephone blessing, in the anniversary or holiday network to buy some gifts to friends and relatives, the cost is not much but can make people feel extremely intimate. Now has more than 60,000 kinds of merchandise shop 1th is like a super large supermarket, the variety of small to spoon, chopsticks, big to household appliances, eat, wear, use, live almost everything.  and 1th stores in particular, every holiday will also be introduced to the festival of shopping concessions, such as candy, beverages, food and all kinds of dry goods, and so will be more than usual supermarket specials also cheaper many, with Taobao compared to have a lot of quality assurance, no wonder attracts more and more network to buy people. Home to send local products to click the mouse, Beijing's Xiao Zhang so easily to Guangzhou's friends sent to the famous "Beijing Roast Duck" and "Beijing preserved fruit." Originally some time ago to Guangzhou business trip, Xiao Zhang to friends brought some Beijing specialty, did not expect the big popular.  Back to Beijing, has always liked to buy the small Zhang in shop No. 1th found the same food, the price is also cheaper 20%, smart she quickly in the shop in the 1th order, a few days later can be sent to friends home. According to Zhang introduced, in 1th shops can taste snacks all over the country, including Inner Mongolia beef jerky and cheese, Hunan chili sauce, Jiangsu and lo Mei products such as local characteristics snacks, things and large supermarkets are the same, the price is much more affordable. In addition to buying their own food, she also particularly likes to buy some differentFriends to share, in her words, see delicious fun to let friends also share, think they also like their own night watching TV eating the same snack has a happy feeling. Shop at number 1th, has become a lot of people's habits, like in special supermarkets, not only preferential, but also break the time and space restrictions, as long as the network allows any time any place can be, more importantly, it as a bridge between family and friends so that happiness beyond the shopping itself, To the modern busy city people a new life experience.
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