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Bit network (chinabyte) October 12 News Network Marketing has been deeply rooted, community marketing is currently a popular concept, but many advantages have not fully played out, 420 million of internet users let us into the billion era, many companies want to be in the network community marketing to get a good return. 2010 China Network Marketing Summit Forum and the second "Golden Net Award" award ceremony to "billion times" network marketing as the theme, held a high-end dialogue forum, Qihoo 360 President Mr. Xiangdong, Oral Interactive CEO Mr. Yang, Mr Rongshi, the CEO of Network Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Hongpen, executive vice president of Ogilvy Century, Mr. Zhao, general manager of computer marketing, Sina Weibo (http://t.sina.com.cn), head of corporate cooperation, Mr. Fan, gathered for the forum, aiming at the "billion era" of community marketing, from the impact of community marketing on corporate communication,  The value of community marketing and the future several aspects of their views.  The Ogilvy Century China executive vice President Mr. Wang Hongpen summed up the internet marketing, we passed several stages, and for the current product problems, pointed out the existing problems, and put forward suggestions: The boss of the enterprise should have some foresight to see the future marketing pattern. Wang Hongpen pointed out that since the Internet marketing, we passed several stages for: The first stage more is to show, with the company's point of view of who I am, my product how, this brand advertising is mainly to display ads. But now, with the first challenge, the channel is richer. There are many consumers not only from 1.0 to see, more rely on the community, BBS, also includes some social media, as well as users and users of the dialogue to feel the advantages of these brands, products. In this process, we found that the previous single enterprise from the words to tell the story of the brand, now become no practical value of operation.  We feel that word of mouth marketing complements the 1th in this process because it has more relevant word-of-mouth channels that can help my brand penetrate into more user groups. Second, it operates in a different form. Traditional mode of operation is more advertising, with exaggerated way, advocating a better way to tell the brand, now Word-of-mouth marketing, as Zi said, we have to pay attention to the root cause, your products in the end where the good. We as a Word-of-mouth marketing company, we can achieve a basic value, the good things can be told in the way of the word out, and to extract the best things, these appropriate people to help you spread it out, this is Word-of-mouth marketing can do. It is not said that through Word-of-mouth marketing can create a good product, create a good reputation, we have a degree of word-of-mouth marketing to have a more pragmatic attitude.  This is actually in our specific customer service process, we are very clear to all customers. There are some other values, sometimes we will find that we can not put Word-of-mouth marketing and other network marketing, and even the entire brand building processIsolate it, now there are some newer tools, such as we listen, how to monitor the trend of word-of-mouth, such as Word-of-mouth and some keywords, positive keywords, negative keywords, what it produces, we have to judge.  We are doing any online marketing process, how to support, how to optimize, how to judge the future trend, this monitoring tool provides very good indicators to help us. Wang Hongpen expressed a view on this marketing approach: if we talk about five years ago, we talked to customers about Word-of-mouth marketing, maybe customers are still a group of fog, now at least half of the customers to the Word-of-mouth marketing part of the budget to operate, almost one-fifth of customers, They will designate one of their own team as the interface person responsible for Word-of-mouth marketing, because he has a fit, it includes both content and channel release, also including monitoring technology, is an integrated layout, so within the enterprise, now more enterprises have accepted Word-of-mouth marketing,  and constantly through the mechanism of such a number of structured personnel layout, to strengthen the control of this area. "We meet a lot of customers, or there are innate flaws in their products," says Wang Hongpen, referring to the product problems of the Internet marketing era. We do all the branding process inside and will find that there are some products that are really not well suited to be able to achieve good word-of-mouth marketing results. In this area, I think the enterprise in the marketing, or the company's boss to have some foresight to see the future marketing pattern. In particular, Wang Hongpen from the following points in detail: First, the enterprise competition or product competition has now entered the white-hot, including the cost of building channels, including marketing costs are increasingly expensive. In such a process, he came back to think about what he was doing. In the next 10 years, our product planning, is not because the cost of marketing more and more expensive, I can not put the product layout to the Internet more suitable products to change? For example, just like why Apple is so alive, because it is born on the Internet, because many of its products are related to the Internet, including the creation of Word-of-mouth keywords, Chinese search jailbreak is very much, because it wants to enjoy more free internet applications. You found that from the source and blood of the internet has been the gene, I hope that the domestic boss rethink the problem, when a lot of cost in marketing, how his product layout.  This is the first not to be serious attitude. The second is not serious, I speak more to the marketing Director, we often find that marketing director to give us a challenging problem, constantly declining a proportion of CPA, we found this process, I do not think the media to buy or say Word-of-mouth marketing process, not to sell as a guide, We do not just pay attention to the last CPA and ignore the middle of the process, just listen to Stuart Spiteri talk about foreign relatively new theories, foreign have some new theories, new technology has been very mature. At home,So far, the analysis of such an assessment of the stage is still very backward, many may be due to some interest system, due to the history of such a number of personnel structure, including advertising companies in this area should have some role not to play out, I think the next 10 years, advertising companies, including customer history, Including media acceptance needs to be constantly changing. Our traditional internet marketing, such as whether the ad is effective to reach the user, this can be effectively monitored, which is a core.  But now more customers are ignoring it. Third, after the contact, the consumer has no any for the impression, to the brand cognition, has any some improvement, for instance I knew the promotion to have not much. This indicator, at present, there is no real investment enterprises to establish a long-term and rigid indicators. To some extent we find that we now have a lot of advertising marketing that replaces what some salespeople do. To some extent, and even replace some of the things that a product person does, and put more product optimization, marketing some channel problems, put the responsibility on the media, I think to some extent, including intermediaries, including customers to think about this problem, to put more attention on the optimization of the trip.
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