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With the rapid advances in technology today, the Internet has brought us a self-evident impact and influence. But at the same time also appeared a lot of innovative marketing techniques, such as the recent popular seconds kill, a dollar marketing, a dollar lucky buy and so on. This article from the different angle analysis one yuan marketing plan, hoped can give the novice stationmaster to bring the revelation.

From the user's perspective: no matter which industry, we all like inexpensive products and services, so, no matter for Consumer-to-consumer shop or Business mall, the price is undoubtedly the first factor for the eyeball, many businesses in order to compete for customer price is a drop again, so, a lot of marketing and promotion of the idea is to this as the basis, To serve the public as the guide. So, "second kill", "one Dollar Marketing", "a Dollar lucky buy" and all kinds of promotion is also one after another, no matter how the business publicity, but for users, these strategies undoubtedly have a great temptation, many users are holding a try attitude, anyway, not much money, perhaps their own lucky?

From the merchant point of view: Businesses always want their brand awareness can be more extensive, hope that their users can more, I hope that their product sales more, so, all the marketing plan is all around these points, sometimes we find a dollar can be lucky to buy a car or a mobile phone, But this is true for users, but from the point of view of the business, this is in the creative marketing, through and the reality of the difference between the larger mode of thinking to attract people, so that seemingly unrealistic events to unlimited amplification, and finally win more potential users pay attention to win Word-of-mouth. For example, some time ago, Chery launched a "network of seconds to kill" activities, so that more than 20 million people to click, in other words, Chery used a car price to promote publicity, has received more than 20 million people's attention. From this perspective, businesses are also winners.

From the market point of view: market economy determines different marketing tactics will appear different market share. This innovative marketing strategy, interactive participatory process, and convenient Web services have opened up a new Internet model and strategy under which users and businesses are winners. In fact, many products rely on not the quality, rely on is not the technology, but the market share, market share of the development by the promotion of the model and strategy, which told the network marketing staff a truth: "You can not have excellent products, but can not have excellent promotional means." ”

However, a good marketing strategy can not be too pursuit of new, strange, happy, if the strategy can not directly contact consumers, then it is not a successful marketing. The traditional way is through the media and then contact consumers, and these marketing strategies are active attack, direct information to consumers, filtering out the medium and other intermediaries, the largest form of assurance of product information effectiveness, so that consumers feel more real. However, this is a new mode of promotion, so some businesses will be malicious speculation, resulting in many one-yuan promotional and second kill activities became a device, but also the lack of transparency, some of the authenticity of netizens questioned. Therefore, it is recommended that users should be cautious when choosing.

Well, today's article to here, from the three angles of the analysis of the one-yuan marketing plan, hoping to provide some ideas and help webmaster. Future articles will continue to share exchanges. This article from: Cosmetics group purchase, URL: http://www.omeimei.com, welcome reprint, Reprint please keep the link, thank you!

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