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For friends to do the station, the snapshot is undoubtedly the most direct experience of a website good and bad reference index. However, many webmasters are too worried about the site's snapshot too slow, slow snapshots will affect the owners update content, increase the enthusiasm of the chain. Today I talk to you about doing station two years of snapshot old and new solutions. The main impact of site snapshots have four points: a state of mind. Two content. Three outside the chain. Four frame structure. The following one by one analysis

Impact of the old and new snapshot of a factor: calm attitude

No matter what business, in which industry, attitude is the most important. A calm mind with a calm heart, can make you take a lot less detours, rejected many unnecessary trouble thoughts and decisions. Website optimization needs this mentality. Today's snapshot does not update to frown, which do not want to do, that do not want to do, if a snapshot put you into this way, then your attitude will be better. Web site snapshots with the mentality of the owners have a certain link, the saying goes, not a family does not enter a house, then we have to do is put a positive attitude, not to snapshot new and happy, not to snapshot slow and sad. With a third-party mentality to a correct view of the site snapshot, I believe the harvest is not only a snapshot of the rapid update, may also reach a new realm.

Affect the snapshot of the old and new factors two: high-quality content

Content is the soul of a website and the only "food" to search for spiders. A website a few days or even a month without updating the content, then even if the spider came, there is no thing to "feed" it, it will give you a good impression strange. For example, you go to the market to buy food, if you go to the market every day to buy eggplant, but no eggplant for three days to sell, no matter how long you have not been sold, then you will continue to go there to buy it Therefore, the content is the same, do webmasters must update different content every day, to the spider every day when something "eat", "eat" enough to be full of it is another matter. And the content should be better, a large number of reproduced content to advise you not to Fortunately, save the spider feel eat something other spiders. Understand it.

New and old factors affect the snapshot of the three factors: a strong chain

The strength of the chain or not affect a lot of factors, the most basic point is the website snapshot. Many webmasters have time to suddenly do outside the chain, regardless of thirty-seven twenty-one, to add links to all add, to add can not add to leave, so a few days to do a few hundred, or even Thousands, so that the anti-chain fierce website all of a sudden a geometric situation up. However, after a few days of busy, but also to increase the external chain delay, do not do it. This is the reaction of many owners outside the chain roller coaster, when the time. The reason is that the owners themselves outside the chain caused by irregular. As a result, do not say that the snapshot is not updated, to keep the website is not K off is already unfortunate in the big fortune. So I want to take a snapshot of the new often have to do outside the chain, the chain is not a strong chain of trash, do outside the chain to do the law, not three days fishing net sun.

Affect the snapshot of old and new factors four: the framework

Why now the inquiry website will have a function called query their website and other similar programs similarity. This is the framework. Search engine on the cognitive framework is very sensitive, if your station with most of the same station on the Internet the same structure, then you have a hard time, search engine will think your station is another station affiliated station, Or directly defined as garbage collection stations. For the collection station, search engine may give some rankings at the beginning, but not for a long time. This will create an impression of cheating search engine, so the issue of friendliness will be greatly reduced. I believe this station even if the snapshot is new, the rankings will rot in the end or not directly ranked. Therefore, the old and new snapshots and the framework there is a certain relationship, do not hearsay. Analysis of their own can be drawn to the answer.

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