Old class: Hands-on teaching you to create a perfect SEO-compliant blog (iii)

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The old class in the front two talk "old class: Hands-on teaching you to create a perfect SEO in line with the blog (a)" and "old class: Hands-on teaching you to create a perfect SEO-compliant blog (ii)" mainly said:

1, blog planning (long-term planning and short-term planning)

2, how to choose the blog program (choose their own appropriate, is the best)

This is about how to determine the topic of a blog.

Write a blog If it's just an interest, or just think of it as a diary. We can 3 days a more, 5 days a more, or even 1 months 1 more. But, No.

The purpose of our blog is to make money. As an interest, you have to look at it as a job, a long-term job. Can not do 1 more words every day, at least to do 3 days 1 more. And this work is going to last 1, 2 years, or even longer.

1. Does this subject appeal to me?

When you're blogging, it's a very painful thing if you write an article that doesn't even make sense to you, or that you just write for it. As we go to school teachers teach us how to learn the same: must be their own interest in learning, blogging is the same! First of all, you choose the theme of your own to be attractive, so you have the power to continue to dig, perfect.

2. Does this theme appeal to people who don't know me?

On the other hand, if your article is very interesting to you, but only interesting to you, as some people write personal essays, such an article is not attractive to others is tantamount to no value! Blog to make money must be able to attract visitors to the eye, so that visitors are willing to point to your article around the ads, Be willing to keep paying attention to your blog.

3. Will this theme remain attractive for a long time to come?

Friends who have done or contacted "direct marketing" often say "pipe story", actually do blog and this is the same. Before blogging, choose a theme that can stay attractive for long periods of time, but you'll find it worthwhile in the days to come. I have been not recommended to do the garbage station is this reason, the so-called garbage station is the content of the same as rubbish, visitors not only worthless but also waste others time, do stand also have to constantly create new garbage out.

Old class Summary: Choose a theme you like, you always pay attention to the subject. Instead of what can make money now do what we do is a blog, not a garbage station. We are operating viscosity, is a broad focus on the crowd, rather than simple flow.

Trailer: The next topic, standing SEO perspective on the theme of the blog further optimization.

This article from the old Class SEO entrepreneurial blog (http://www.jypc8.com), welcome attention, QQ Group: 47993369

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