Old Huang looks at the electricity merchant: the electricity merchant buys the tide who is the mastermind?

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The internet has always been chaos, bat firmly occupy a field, relying on years of accumulation and industry status, play the game of capital out of hand. You fight me to rush, is also the source of Internet impatience. The emergence of mobile internet, the Giants are aware of the possibility of subversion, to protect the status of the last resort.

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New column, old Yellow look at the first article.

Recently, the capital Circle, the electric business circle boiling repeatedly. Some days ago, the outgoing Baidu to acquire or buy a stake in Dangdang, and nearly two days is the outbound Tencent stake in Beijing east, Ali shares 3,602 big news. This article for you to read the confusion situation.

(a) &http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Ali single big BT alternative Cut the world

Electric Business field, has been Alibaba's world, firmly occupy more than 80% of the share, and the following years second Jingdong Mall, followed by Dangdang. At present, three enterprises in the field of electric business: Ali, Beijing East, when, outgoing Baidu to buy a stake in Dangdang, then the rest of the natural to be outdone. Jingdong intends to do joint, definitely will not choose Ali, but not with when wearing a trousers, then in the top Internet circle only Tencent optional. But or is a single love, Tencent just adjust the status of the fast, for a stake in the east may lack of interest, estimated finally can not successfully buy a stake, but also the reason for the high price of Beijing east.

Another 360 choice is more interesting, first 360 with Baidu has always been a dead enemy, and Tencent's 3Q war has been in, then the choice of only Ali, another view of Ali is missing a search tool, and a stake in 360 will put this short board to fill, so happy capital circle or Media circle crazy biography.

Baidu and Tencent all have the property of the electric quotient and search, then Ali shares 360 can fill this vacancy; and Ali in the electric business has absolute status, Baidu and Tencent borrow when and Beijing East hand to split the world, and Baidu can invest Dangdang, for Baidu is to enhance the power of the sensitivity of a means, and Tencent Stakes in Beijing east, Xun with Beijing East powerful union.

Starting last year, bat internet three top players play the game of capital. BAT three buy or share the information behind the freedom of the reason, but the truth remains to be uncovered. In the case of old Huang, if there is no third party, the basic will not be yellow, the only some twists and turns is when the shares or acquisition, Jingdong Price is too high.

(b) Who is the mastermind? T or Jingdong

From now on, there are some people who think that Jingdong is starring, because Jingdong 3721.html ">2014 Five strategies: first, mobile and large data two technology, the second is the financial business, the third is the O 2O business, four is the channel sinks, the fifth is internationalization." From the five strategic point of view, there is no capital of the dynamic, that is, East brother or have already thought about the source of capital, and another reason is the pace of the Beijing-east listing, the inevitable need for capital promotion, so the choice of Tencent is implied by one of the conditions

Another is believed to be the mastermind of the media, the end of the year media reporters to dominate the news, in fact, this speculation is very unreliable. Media or journalists have always been the object of the news, the news of the occurrence of the natural appearance of the newspaper, so the source is the source of the message.

In the case of Old Huang, the director of this time may be t and Jing Dong. First Baidu wants to buy when, Guoqing issued a note only accept shares and not accept acquisitions, indicating Baidu in the capital war in the weak. Then outbound T stake in Jingdong, more determined guoqing idea, this article simple thinking is: Since Jingdong is a stake, I when why buy. For a has been fighting for the second Dangdang, this is not acceptable positioning, and when it is more inclined to Baidu, choose Tencent easy to assimilate.

Another aspect, T buy a stake in Jingdong, may impact on the hundred when the incident, in favor of T into the Bureau, when with the Jingdong top t have a choice. The opposite view, whether it is when or Jingdong is the chosen object, and the confidence of Baidu may not be able to deal with East Elder brother's domineering, because Jing Dong do finance is not with Baidu Hundred conflict, O2O business is with Baidu now some strategy, and move and big data, this is to Baidu Open database rhythm? In any case, Baidu to Beijing east is to avoid and far.

T out of a purpose is also to nausea some of Ali listed, to make a point to Ali to create trouble, and if it is when the two parties, it is obvious that some of the war will lead to their own above, of course, the principle of minimizing.

And for 360, if you really want to choose is only Ali optional, red is not required to create the leader of the message, Ali is so, the current search area is still left 360 to accept Ali, but no message.

Jingdong value The mobile end of T, by the market to promote bid, and T is a tacit understanding of the leading.

From an outsider to the Bureau, many of the news is asymmetric, so more is said or so, but there is a big principle, the internet inside some of the capital things, most of which will be implemented in the later. T buy a stake in Beijing east, indicating that Beijing has attracted capital of the trend, 360 of the shares is also possible because of the forced by T, pull Ali to ally. (Text/Huang micro-signal: wo8013520)

Note: This article is created by the electrical quotient observer Huang (micro-signal: wo8013520).

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