Old QI: Website construction details determine success or failure

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Today to see a book (for advertising suspicion, do not say the title), mainly around the user experience to enhance the interactive design method, in many sites are most customer experience, this book I think will be a bestseller.

This book captures the essence of improving the user experience. From the user's perspective to look at a website, through the mouse operation, site color, display location, and many other aspects of how to improve the user experience. Feel that there is a certain reason, after all, a website is to be used for everyone, only to improve the user experience, is the long-term solution.

I do not say a lot of examples, but probably turned around, interested students can go to the bookstore to find this book, do not buy, casually turned over on the line, hehe!

Or summed up the experience of reading.

1, do not forcible

Perhaps your station roughly looks, the experience is very good, but really uses up, has many deficiencies, namely forcible. Take Alibaba's one station: Amoy URL, this is a service to provide a shortened domain name station, in the future can see the collation of the user experience is still good, but from the beginning of the user registration, the feeling is not the same, we can go to experience.

For such sites, it is necessary to strengthen the internal experience to retain more users.

2, content is not equal to experience

More webmaster think the content of the website is the user experience, this is wrong. Content is really important, but the user experience is the process of reading this article. For example, add articles reprint, subscribe and so on. This is what I do not enough, limited capacity.

3, small details big success or failure

With a visitor's perspective, take a closer look at your website and find out about the shortcomings of your site in a particular detail, and then improve your experience from these places. There is an open mind to accept other people's opinions, visitors may be in the site of the message or the form of e-mail to give you some good advice, must humbly accept.

User experience will be an indispensable step in the development of the site, the site would like to have a better development, you must constantly improve the site's user experience, so in peacetime should be more attention in this regard, lest then do not know where to start.

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