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As the saying goes, "the resisting will be first" from this sentence in fact we can see out, no matter what the industry, what kind of work, we need to first do a good job to take into account the other, the site is also the same, then for a website 7478.html "> Internal optimization speaking, In addition to day-to-day maintenance of the update, the internal chain work is undoubtedly the most important, then how do we do a good job in the inner chain of the site? Today, I will share some of the experience of summing up the station.

For the inner chain, we can see from the literal meaning, is the site inside a link to other pages, that is, our long site links, so now that we know the meaning of the chain, the role of the chain you know what?

(a) Easy and free, easy to master

For the inner chain, we are deployed on their own site, easy to insert some keywords in the background of the website anchor text on OK, you can very effective grasp the layout of the chain and density, free that is also of course pull.

(ii) Improved website guidance rate

Within the chain, whether for users or search engine spiders are a good way to increase the PV value, and is also very helpful to spiders on our web site more crawling search, crawling more natural to our website collation included to improve. But here we need to be careful to ensure that the chain is a valid link, do not appear dead chain situation.

(c) Promotion of website keyword ranking

For a website, a good outside the chain layout environment strategy is to be able to effectively promote our website Baidu, we all know that in search engines, a link is like a vote, then our links more natural keyword ranking is good, So whether the chain or outside the chain are the key to our site keyword ranking is very important part.

(four) Help the website PR promotion

Within the chain in addition to our ranking has been promoted, for the PR value is also transitive, in a certain scientific calculation of the summary found in the "reverse link" within the same site, the more the chain of the site PR is relatively high. So said to the site to do within the chain for the site to improve the PR value is also very important, can be described as a lot of benefits ha.

Since we know that there are so many advantages of the chain, then how to conduct a reasonable operation of the chain of the layout? Let me share it with you.

(1) For the content of our published website as far as possible around the relevant content to recommend the form of the layout of the chain, can also be in the link to the corresponding Column page or article page, for the "main key words" to point to the home page, this can be very good to enhance the weight of each page of the site.

(2) When we write words, it is best to be able to anticipate the next piece of content to write, and then make the title and keywords to the next page, so as to carry out a regular cycle effect, so that we have already set up our site within the resource list, do the inner chain is much easier.

(3) for relatively more important to some of the main keywords, in addition to adding links to the point, we can also use some of the label to highlight this keyword, such as bold tilt or discoloration, so that you can better highlight our keywords!

(4) When we are in the chain, must remember not too much, too dense, lest the spiders think we have cheating, so that the clever into the fly, a general article based on the length of the content of a reasonable distribution within the chain, up to five, the keyword density for the best 10~20.

(5) The presence of the inner chain of the position we need to be very fastidious, generally for the first or the end of the article, of course, can be based on the importance of key words to choose, and in the insertion of keywords must be reasonable, and the article collation more harmonious, such an inner chain is more easy to accept, but also more friendly.

The role of the internal chain of the site and how to do a good job in the inner chain today I will share here, if you still do not understand the words can refer to some of the same industry more excellent site to learn to follow, this is also possible. If you think there are any deficiencies in the text, please also point out that we learn from each other. This article by the game name Net Http://www.name2012.com original share, hope you reprint friend, remember to retain the link and copyright, here to thank you. Well today to share with you here, I will be a lot in this platform to communicate with you, then next time we see.

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