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I. Preface:

About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a web-based service supply model that supports heterogeneous facilities and resource flows, and it provides customers with an autonomous service. Cloud computing supports heterogeneous infrastructure resources and heterogeneous multitasking system, which can realize the resource on demand, according to the amount of charge, to achieve the target on demand, and ultimately to promote the scale of resources, the specialization of division of labor, to reduce unit resource costs, promote network business innovation.

About the City of wisdom

Intelligent City is a complex composed of many applications, many industries and complicated systems. There is a need for information sharing and interaction between multiple application systems. All the different application systems need to extract the data synthetically and present the comprehensive results. Such a large number of complex systems require a number of powerful information processing centers to carry out a variety of data processing.

To fundamentally support the safe operation of a large system, we need to consider the cloud based network architecture, building a smart City cloud computing data Center. At the same time, the cloud computing data Center has traditional data center, unmatched advantages of single application construction: On-demand dynamic scalability (based on the cloud computing infrastructure platform, dynamic addition of application systems) and a high performance investment ratio (less than 30% of the hardware investment in the traditional data center).

Ii. The advantages of cloud computing applied to smart cities

Unified and efficient performance of platform layer

Through the architecture that is the service (IAAS) construction pattern, the traditional data center different architectures, different brands, different models of servers are integrated, through the operation of cloud operating system to provide a unified operational support platform.

At the same time, with the help of cloud computing platform's virtualization infrastructure, it can effectively carry out resource cutting, resource deployment and resource integration, according to the application requirements to allocate computing, storage resources, optimize the efficiency ratio.

Large-scale basic software and hardware management

Basic hardware and software management, mainly responsible for large-scale basic software, hardware resources monitoring and management, for the cloud Computing Center operating system resource scheduling and other advanced applications to provide decision-making information, cloud Computing Center operating system is the basis of resource management. Basic software resources, including stand-alone operating system, middleware, database and so on. Basic hardware resources, including the network environment of the three major devices, namely: Computing (server), storage (storage devices) and networks (switches, routers and other devices). Basic hardware and Software Management Center, can carry on the asset management to the basic software, the hardware resources, can realize the basic hardware the condition monitoring and the performance monitoring, may trigger the alarm to the unusual situation, reminds the user to maintain the problem equipment in time, can carry on the long-term statistical analysis to the basic hardware and software resources, provides the decision-making basis for the high-level

Business/Resource Scheduling management

The salient feature of cloud computing data center is that it has a large amount of basic hardware and software resources, and realizes the scale of basic resources. Can improve the utilization of resources, reduce the cost of unit resources. The Service/Resource scheduling Center can realize multi-user sharing of resources and effectively improve the utilization of resources. and can automatically dispatch resources to where needed according to the load of the business.

The Business/Resource dispatch center is the advanced application mode of the cloud Computing data center operating system, and it is the necessary requirement of the low carbon and green operation of the cloud Computing data center.

Security Control management

An industry, a country can have a lot of competitiveness, but in the information age, the data has become the industry, the country's core competitiveness. Cloud computing, the separation of computing and storage, the realization of many users of the same basic resources shared use. But at the same time, many users share the same resources, also put forward a higher challenge to data security.

In the cloud computing environment, the centralized scale management of the basic resource makes the security problem of the client more transferred to the data center. From a professional point of view, the end user can use the security mechanism of the cloud data center to realize the security of the business without consuming too much resources and energy. But at the same time, for the cloud computing Center, it needs to be directly accountable for the security of more users. Specifically, cloud computing security involves several key aspects: data access risk, data storage risk, information management risk, data isolation risk, legal investigation support risk, sustainable development and migration risk, and so on.

Cloud Computing Data Center security control, from the basic software and hardware security design, cloud Computing center operating system architecture, strategy, authentication, encryption and other aspects of integrated control, to ensure that the cloud Computing data Center information security.

Energy Saving and consumption reduction management

Building a conservation-minded society is the material basis of sustainable development of economy and society and an important measure to guarantee economic security and national security. For the cloud computing data center, facing the huge foundation soft and the hardware resources, realizes these basic resources green, the energy saving operation Dimension Management, is the resource supplier business inevitable demand, is also one of cloud computing development's original intention.

At present, the industry in general, equipment procurement is to ensure that the peak business needs of the basis. To this end, users often purchase a large number of equipment. But in the actual operation process, the equipment load is generally low, usually only around 20%. Especially in the low load period, the server utilization is lower. Long-term low utilization, resulting in a large amount of waste of resources and the wasteful consumption of energy.

Cloud Computing Data Center, the implementation of the resources of multi-tenant applications. The utilization of resources can be effectively improved by the historical statistic information of business and the management of business/resource scheduling. In typical applications, the use of energy-saving technology of cloud computing data center, can increase the resource load to 80%, eliminate the loss of resource scheduling process, can increase the effective load of resources twice times. At present, the number of servers in China is more than 2 million units, if the more common use of cloud computing energy-saving technology, it can reduce the energy consumption of about 65%. With a server average energy consumption of 200 watts/hour, the whole year can save 16 billion-kilowatt kwh of electricity, equivalent to Gezhouba hydropower station 2009 annual output.

At night, when the overall load of the data center is reduced, the idle resources can be transferred into the sleep mode, so as to realize the green and Low-carbon energy-saving operation of the data center to the greatest extent.

The significance of cloud computing applied to intelligent city construction

Promote the development of modern service industry

It is an important historical mission for China's information technology industry to develop modern service industry and promote the adjustment of industrial structure. Cloud computing, so that computing and information services to socialization, intensification, specialization, so that more people can enjoy our information technology and information resources at low cost, is to promote the development of modern service industry in China's important information technology.

The modern service industry is from the industry, agriculture, the service sector three industrial angle pulls out, it is one kind utilizes the high technology, especially the information communication technology and the cushion belt management idea one kind of new service pattern, the cloud computing is the above mentioned new business state. Visible, cloud computing is a modern service industry intersection relationship, on the one hand it belongs to the modern service industry, on the other hand it can also for other industries, agriculture and traditional services to do computing services, together form a comprehensive support relationship, visible cloud computing as a modern service in a member can provide all needs to calculate the service request

All kinds of computing services in modern service industry can adopt the solution of cloud computing. Cloud computing will further advance the development of modern services, and the growing demand for modern services will promote greater application and technological progress in cloud computing services.

Promoting faster regional social and economic development

As a computing model, cloud computing is an important feature of resource integration, which can provide more powerful application support, further promote the development of regional informatization and provide strong guarantee for regional society and economy to develop faster and better.

After years of construction, the traditional wireless city in E-government, E-commerce has formed a number of application platforms, accumulated a large number of data. However, these platforms are independent of each other and form multiple islands of data, and there is a widespread problem of low utilization of equipment and high management and maintenance costs. The building of cloud computing centers enables us to effectively integrate computing resources and data, support larger applications, handle larger scale data, and dig deeper into the data to provide a better platform for government decisions, corporate development, and public services.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, the traditional it model needs to invest a lot of money in the hardware equipment, but not to get the corresponding income in the expected time, will face the very big commercial risk, facing the rapid growth market opportunity, may miss the market opportunity because of unable to satisfy the user demand. In the cloud computing environment, the user can at any time according to the business scale, loan the corresponding hardware equipment resources, can flexibly adapt to the business change, effectively evade the risk, better grasp the opportunity. Therefore, cloud computing can better reduce the risk of SMEs, promote the efficient and healthy development of SMEs.

Reduce the total cost of regional informatization

Cloud computing through resource integration, unified management and efficient resource flow, can effectively reduce the overall cost of regional informatization, thus reducing the threshold of information, so that more units and enterprises are willing to improve efficiency through information technology.

First, reduce the cost of investment. Typically, it resource investment planning, often in accordance with the requirements of the business peak load when purchasing, is a load maximization of the planning form. But in the daily application, most of the time, IT resources load only about 20%, resulting in a large number of resources in the low load, be idle waste. The salient feature of cloud computing is to realize it resource sharing. In the case of data isolation, it is possible to share the physical resources of multiple services, that is, to improve the utilization of physical resources effectively under the premise of security. Therefore, the use of cloud computing solution to build data center, it physical resources can be increased to more than 80% utilization, effectively reduce the investment scale of physical equipment, is more efficient investment planning direction.

Second, improve utilization, reduce daily operating costs. It physical resources load higher during daytime business spikes. At night, it physical resources load is low. But in order to ensure the continuity of the business, it physical resources often need uninterrupted operation, thus, in the night load is very low, it material resources also consumes a lot of electricity. Cloud computing, can achieve effective green energy saving. When the night load is low, can realize the uninterrupted transfer of business, can effectively transfer the business to some it physical resources, and other idle physical resources shut down or into energy-saving mode. After practical verification, cloud computing can transfer 80% of the business to 20% of physical resources at night, thereby saving about 70% of the electricity.

Finally, reduce the cost of management and maintenance. Traditional IT systems, server decentralized, a large number of computing tasks on the desktop, each unit and enterprise to take out a considerable amount of human and material resources for IT systems day-to-day maintenance, including hardware maintenance, software upgrades, repair loopholes, killing viruses, and even personal computer reload system will waste a lot of time. Cloud computing through the centralization of resources and unified management, reduce the day-to-day maintenance of these units and enterprises workload, a large number of work is transferred to the background by professionals to complete, thereby effectively reducing the cost of management maintenance.

Provide security for data

Cloud computing reduces the risk of data being lost or leaked in individual hands by storing data centrally. At the same time, the cloud computing Center also uses a variety of security methods and disaster recovery methods to ensure that data will not be lost, and will not be illegally tampered with.

Iv. Architectural design of Intelligent city

With the rapid development of business, the business applications and data of Government and enterprise (generally refers to operators, enterprises and industry users) are moving from decentralized deployment to centralization, and the deployment model of it facilities as a carrier of business has undergone great changes, and interconnection has not been able to meet the needs of the continuous development of the business after the process integration.

The network is the only common entity that connects all the IT components of the data center, and building a solid network infrastructure will provide a guarantee for the continuity, management and operation of the data center business.

Generally speaking, the user's business can be divided into multiple subsystems, there will be data sharing, business exchange, data access control and isolation requirements, according to business relevance and process needs, the need to adopt modular design, to achieve low coupling, cohesion, to ensure system and data security, reliability, flexibility and scalability, easy to manage.

Consider the design based on the IaaS architecture, the core of cloud computing data Center is to build a public cloud that is independent of multiple application systems, providing support for various kinds of top-level applications through various kinds of cloud, such as municipal cloud, traffic cloud, education cloud, security cloud, community cloud, tourism cloud, and its architecture can be extended to support other cloud.

Cloud Computing Data Center network overall architecture diagram

Municipal Cloud Module

The municipal platform can provide mobile office, mobile law enforcement, video surveillance, public service and other services of mobile communication network access channel services, including 3G Mobile Broadband, SMS, MMS, location services, such as mobile communications resources, to the Commission of the application of the administration of the unified management, and responsible for mobile intelligent Government network security, identity authentication, Operation Monitoring, responsible for the city integrated Multimedia information release.

The construction objectives of the platform include the following six aspects:

• Establish a unified mobile intelligent Government access management platform

• Establish a unified mobile intelligent Government access portal

• Establish a unified security certification platform for mobile intelligent government

• Building a unified wireless gateway for government affairs (SMS, MMS, location service)

• Construction of a secure 3G communication network channel with intelligent Government External network

• Building a unified urban integrated Multimedia Information System

Traffic Cloud Module

Traffic congestion has caused a huge waste of time, increased environmental pollution at present, facing the globalization of the world, the trend of information technology, traditional transportation techniques and means have not adapted to the requirements of economic and social development. The Intelligent transportation system will be the inevitable choice for the development of the traffic cause, and it is a revolution of the traffic cause.

• Combining the present urban traffic situation and the demand, in order to enhance the people travel Happiness Index, the emphasis in the public transportation field to create the high quality service City Intelligent public transportation system.

• Intelligent public transport solutions that combine wireless technology with its philosophy to provide convenient services to the public:

-Bus dispatching and fleet management

-Bus travel information Services

-Public transport security services

Education Cloud Module: Good teaching class to break the time, space constraints, real-time sharing to other school teachers, and can carry out real-time interaction, communication, to upgrade the overall city teachers.

Security Cloud Module

As urban areas expand, population growth and mobility factors expand, the growth rate of public security Police force can not meet the actual demand, but many cities in the early urban video surveillance system monitoring point distribution, small coverage area, blind spots, poor definition; their respective management is relatively dispersed, the residents of the community or industry information summary, Less resource sharing. Security work mobility, sudden distribution, emergency and other characteristics, so that the first-line departments need real-time and public security data center exchange of information. From the above requirements, combined with the city's already deployed high-definition video surveillance system, the integration of various resources to adapt to the city emergency security system, equipped with mobile performance characteristics of the "police" system, through the digital video centralized management of scientific and technological means to create a "safe city." Intelligent city planning application of "Safe City" belongs to this module.

Community Cloud Module: "Digital community" will be based on demand-oriented, scientific planning, focus on the application, focus on the construction of the principle of effectiveness, further clarify the construction content, planning schedule, looking to implement the benefits to ensure that "digital community" to build a scientific, orderly and rapid construction. "Digital community" with High-tech content and advanced Internet of Things and the application of information technology concentrated embodiment. Through the use of modern sensing technology, digital information processing technology, communications technology, computer technology, multimedia technologies and network technology, the community to achieve a variety of information collection, processing, transmission, display and highly integrated sharing, to achieve community automation, intelligent monitoring, to achieve community life and work safe, comfortable and efficient. The precision design, the optimization integration construction represents the domestic first-class level digitization and the intellectualized system engineering. The digital community satisfies the needs of the masses of the community, and sets up a perfect comprehensive information platform for the digital community, which fully embodies the distinctive characteristics of the Duanzhou era.

(Responsible editor: Liu Fen)

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