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Novel station tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of of traffic, have to say that many webmasters are jealous, but now the novel station so much, to do a big but not so easy, especially Baidu on the novel station related content audit also more and more strict. I am not, the past few years to do a few novel stations, there is no big results, stop the shutdown, the recent two new stations, a little bit of progress, here to share some of my personal experience to the new small partners to join the reference!

Server stability

Considering that a lot of small stations in the absence of income, it is difficult to support the relatively expensive server costs, most of the owners are rented low-cost VPS, this is nothing, the initial can only be used! Configuration you can not need how high, the hard drive does not need much, because the new station at all have no flow! But the network must be stable, do not Zooey or speed extremely slow, this is very unfavorable to the SEO, to the novel station is more serious.

So the choice of server is fastidious, novel station just start, original is impossible, most of the collection of software to collect his station novels, so you must rent a VPS or server, virtual space is certainly not, can not use the collector, you can not update the novel in time, naturally there will be no traffic! So 1th, A good server is critical!

II. website Optimization

Now almost all of the novel AdSense are used by the Jackie said station, but also on this relatively reliable point, although some features or more rigid! I had just done the time to come and go and toss for more than two months! Change the template for static rules, etc., on the site have a small impact, I have some stops because the number of changes caused by too much weight loss, so don't go my way!

First in the local debugging good all after the line, to ensure that your site framework has been improved, such as update 1-10 days before submitting Baidu search engine included! Baidu has a dedicated novel station mechanism, he will record all of your framework in order to transform into Baidu novel search applications, so not particularly important words, It is best not to change the frame two times, or it will definitely affect the ranking, which I have practiced!

III. Security Issues

Speaking of safety, first of all, to say the issue of copyright, which I do not do much to say, we all know it. The site statement is very important, the server is best to rent foreign, domain names and other information best hidden good, as long as not a particularly large impact of the station, basically safe, want to rent domestic, I would like to say you even die do not know how to die!

The second is the peer malicious competition, such as your novel standing this novel "Magic Days" row of Baidu first, that the keyword hundreds of thousands of times a day of search, so huge traffic, who is not jealous? When you rank up, then you wait for the overwhelming DDoS AH cc attack!

So, when your novel stands a little bit better, you should immediately start replacing the more secure servers. Do not distressed that little money, early income I think can all put into the website itself!

Here I have to mention the site moving things, like a lot of novel webmaster like a Web site on the overwhelming collection of thousands of tens of thousands of novels, so the time to move you cry, and put in a few years ago, this collection of many really useful, quantitative change is correct, but now with Baidu update again and again, The effect is very small, even if you collect tens of thousands of will not be able to increase your traffic, especially for the new station, so besides will increase the burden of your server, there is no extra benefits! Others 1000 not to the novel station, so weight 6 weight 7, three thousand or four thousand of the novel station can still weight 8, So now the idea of the novel station should be the qualitative change to produce quantitative changes! First, the content optimization, no matter you add new books up, ranking will be good!


Pre-server does not need much good, as long as stability, website optimization ideas to be clear, site keyword set reasonable, now mainstream stations like to do around a book optimization, such as "Magic Days" "Big giants" and the like, so it is feasible! Also some webmaster directly to do a single novel station, so it is more test of SEO means, Personally feel a bit of a gamble!

The website frame can not move the best not to move! Especially the catalogue page and the reading page, this is the most important! Baidu will record your frame and judge the contents! The more the introduction of the Web page code, do not put any unnecessary small pictures or functions, the most basic of the most original best! can be appropriate to do the other novel Inner Chain guide spiders! Now mobile phone novel station traffic is huge, no less than the PC side, the ability to try to move the client more, because now the PC end has begun to saturation. Just say here, hope to just get started of the novel webmaster have a little help!

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