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In recent years, the tourism industry has become a wonderful flower of the electric business, however, in imperceptible most of the travel agency will be offline travel agencies moved to the online development, so the type of travel of the electric business site in a substantial rise, in addition to Xin Xin, Niu, leisurely, Baidu Tourism, Sohu Tourism and other industry sites, the rest is the local tourism site , such as Guizhou Tourism Network, Xuzhou Tourism network. This shows that many local travel agencies are concerned about the development of tourism industry line, I believe that the tourism industry in the development of the Internet is still a considerable prospect. Now, whether it's a small city or a big city or a ravine or a country, as long as there are tourist attractions there will be travel agencies, and these travel agencies are generally in the establishment of tourism sites, publicity of local scenic spots and attractions, so the local tourism industry to walk the road is still not to be overlooked.

In this period of time, the author has been responsible for the optimization of tourism websites in Guizhou, website more or less also out of a few orders, the author is responsible for this site content is very much, there are domestic, foreign, outbound travel and so on, in general, still very much, but I think that Guizhou tourism site belongs to the local tourism site, Guizhou is a local travel agency construction site, the content of the site must be associated with the local scenic spots, but the author responsible for the site appeared a lot of other provinces and even foreign travel information, and the proportion accounted for a lot of this Guizhou tourism site is not targeted, The users come in and see the tourist information in other provinces, which makes the order and conversion rates much less. So, how to improve the conversion rate of the website page, how to let the satisfaction of the order? The author and the webmaster to exchange the author's views.

The page design of local tourism website should be unique

First of all, to the local tourism website design to have a unique page, there is a saying that very good "fish to find shrimps and shrimp turtle find Bastard", local tourism website page design is also the case, the local characteristics of the scenic area, what is the style, seize these points and then all put to the site's page design, so that the site presents local characteristics, This also gives users a lot of experience, users find the site they want to find, the first glance may have the kind of not willing to leave the feeling, anyway, the author is a letter, on the contrary, if it is not the local characteristics of the tourism site page, you will immediately choose to leave? Therefore, the page design also must have certain uniqueness.

For example: the author is responsible for tourism website is Guizhou tourism website, the main site is around the major tourist attractions and scenic spots in Guizhou also do, the style is green, the page is specially designed by art around Guizhou scenic spots to design, let people see there is a feeling of body scenic area, another is the site of a column, Content are Guizhou scenic areas, such as Huangguoshu Pubu, Chishui Scenic Area, Xijiang Miao and other scenic spots, all of these into the Web site style.

Second, the local tourism site to enhance the credibility and presented to users

Secondly, the credibility of local tourism sites to improve and presented to users. The credibility of local tourism web site is very important to a user, the user first glance into the site if you do not see what he wants to see the content, I believe it will be shut down immediately, such as the author of the site is Guizhou tourism site is specialized in Guizhou tourist attractions of the line, scenic spots, But the user came to my page after the search engine is not the same as the tourism industry irrelevant content, such as the company's ads, with color information, and so on, do you think users want it? Not only is not the user wants, even the credibility is gone. Therefore, we should provide and present the credibility to the user.

For example: First of all, it should be clear that the author of Guizhou tourism site what can be used as a credibility and presented to the user? The author can choose the local characteristic tour route, tourist attractions, travel guides, travel knowledge, tourist maps, local weather, hotel tickets, train inquiries, travel prices, these are the users want to find, the site as long as there is this type of content, most of the site will think that the travel site has credibility.

Third, publish to the tourist persuasive local tourism type soft wen

Then, publish the soft text of the local tourist type which is persuasive to the tourists, soft wen marketing believe stationmaster should be more clear, its marketing power is very powerful, and soft text itself is a kind of soft advertisement, but this kind of advertisement is helpful to the website to the user, first, we want to see what kind of soft wen is more persuasive to the visitor? Tourist routes or tourist attractions or travel common sense or travel strategy? I think that these are, but to pay attention to, write soft when you must write the content of the user has to help, do not talk about light, is originally a tourist but talked about other topics, so not only to the user did not help the site also did not help, Write the content of the time must be targeted, preferably travel agencies recruit several more capable of web site editors.

For example: the author in the editing Guizhou tourism website article, mainly writes the field to the local tourist line, the scenic spot and the scenic area between the tourist line, like Xuzhou to Guizhou Huangguoshu Pubu 2nd Tour Leisure Tour line, then in the content I will xuzhou to Guizhou Anshun train train airplane line to write out, Then write Huangguoshu Pubu two days of travel routes, such benefits can let Xuzhou visitors know how to go to the local tourism, to the scenic spots after which attractions to play.

Four, the local tourism website service to all users

Finally, the service of local tourism website is embodied to all users. Often do online webmaster should be more clear, generally is the telephone or QQ and customer contact, exchange up and not face it as easy, so this is to do to the user the best service, I suggest the best to find experienced travel customer service to serve customers, when the customer service through the search engine to find your site and contact customer service, This time the customer service will be reflected, can try 10086 customer service of that means, this will be the ability to serve the audience, in general, the more in place the opportunity to order volume, the greater the chance, here do not cite examples.

Written at the end:

The above is Guizhou Tourism Network http://www.gzly.cn/original editing. The above four is the author thinks to the page conversion rate and the order rate effective method, when each person's view and the idea is different, perhaps the author thinks the method has the effect does not represent everybody thought that also has the effect, each has each method. Finally, I wish Guizhou tourism network has a good profit.

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