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Dongkai VI design through a break time observation found that the corporate Web site Flash Home Guide animation, most of the home page are case pictures and so on, especially some design classes of the site is so, the site opened slowly, affecting the search engine spiders visit. Site content updates are very few, not too much news content, the content of the chain, a few years of the site outside the chain only hundreds of, the user experience is not good, these affect the site rankings, the following Dongkai VI design to and you talk about how to improve the ranking of corporate websites?

Combination of graphics and text instead of flash-guided animation

Home flash accounted for the half, which will inevitably affect the speed of Web site opening, not only will increase search engine spiders to crawl the difficulty, but also affect the user experience, ask: Who would like to open a Web page to wait a few minutes? Normally in 30 seconds can not open, I believe will be directly off the flash, and then search other sites. Everyone's time is very precious, few people will be willing to wait, not to mention now every industry has so many sites, if we can not over the speed of other sites, the first step has been lost to others. Therefore, Dongkai VI design recommendations in doing business site when not to use too much flash animation, if you really need pictures that the proposed use of graphics and text combination of form, you can better let users know what your picture represents what meaning, what is the significance, do not simply use pictures.

Website content updated regularly daily

For corporate Web sites to maintain the content of the daily update seems to have a certain degree of difficulty, we all know that this kind of Web site news content is scarce, especially the VI design site, if the company has no new cases, then nothing can be updated, so, also caused the site content update is not regular, a week update less than two articles, This for a VI design site and how to make the keyword ranking front? Do webmaster know that the site content for Wang, any type of site want to have a good ranking in the search engine, that is the first thing to do this piece, this is the basic work, is the fundamental prerequisite.

Do well in-site links to help improve rankings

For the enterprise station, the updated content is sometimes not too much contact with their own keywords, updated content and most of the picture mainly, there is no corresponding too many columns, therefore, this kind of web site to ignore the chain, in the release of the content is not in the article to the corresponding keyword plus a hyperlink, Do SEO people know that the chain can not only improve the weight of the site, ranking, can improve the site's user experience, the site if there is no corresponding within the chain of the overall content of the site link up, that SEO work is not in place, will also affect the site rankings, user experience.

Regular site Outside the chain is the key to ranking

For any type of Web site, the chain is to improve the ranking of effective means, the top of the site outside the chain is not very quality, or there is a lot of quantity, or else is the quantity and quality are relatively good, so far did not see a site does not have a chain, but the ranking is very much in front of it? But Dongkai VI design has been observed , vi design sites outside the chain are generally few, a few years old station but nothing outside the chain, this also shows that the site did not cause the attention of enterprises, no special personnel to manage the site.

The above is Dongkai VI design for how to improve the ranking of corporate websites published a point of their own views, of course, may be a bit one-sided, but also some deficiencies, but also hope to be able to share exchanges and common progress. This article by the Hefei VI Design (http://www.dk111.cn/) original, reprint please indicate the source.

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