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First of all, I do not like to do the station, generally just slightly change the template, will not be on the internet to find friends a little guidance. English also not, I generally use googel software and some tool software to translate. I am not a long time in English website optimization and publicity, I would like to sum up my study:

First: The English station must first make the different national style and the language website. If the English good can go to foreign websites to download the template otherwise in the domestic to find some more suitable for their own industry's website for editing and processing. Have the time to analyze the foreign website style more. Foreign stations simple, easy to find information at a glance.

Second: English station keyword selection this is very important. First of all, we have to find out the industry and product-related words to find out, followed by the Googel from the generation of the keyword trends and search engines to find the strength of the competitor keyword, and then to filter out the appropriate keyword and your promotional program.

Third: The structure of the English station is very important, because Googel pay attention to the structure is reasonable, the content according to arrange appropriately. is conducive to the promotion of rankings. But English Googel generally uses the catalogue, the column structure way. The left side lists all the columns, the homepage puts the important product information, the inside page puts the information.

Four: The propaganda of the English station is generally through the blog, the bookmark, collects the catalogue website, the forum signature carries on the propaganda. First of all, we have to prepare the mailbox, because the foreign website registration username and password need to verify. I do not know the foreign Forum and blog message when there is a link address, most of the code inside there are NOFOLLW this word, but the effect is not very large, so we generally do not have such a word inside the message publicity. English Station we can through the foreign and domestic website publicity can be increased rankings, generally in foreign websites propaganda is higher than the domestic promotion rankings.

Five: English Web site in the choice of space we generally have to choose a better foreign, we will compete for foreign markets. If the choice of domestic space is also more can be, but to the decision to guarantee the speed of space access.

Sixth: The path of the English station is very important. general product title, keyword, description and path, these four aspects must match well. General title and keyword uniqueness, the description of the singular and plural coexistence. The path also wants a title, the same keyword. But the general English path level control in three layer is better. First level: Home, Second level directory structure: Product page, third level directory structure: information and news.

Seventh: English website title, keyword and description of the general to the selected keyword similar or single plural, preferably at the same time two times and three times. Home general density does not have the basic standard, as long as the home page does not repeat too much, even if the title of the second level directory introduced home as long as the title is not the same problem. So the English key density should be better.

Eighth: English station mainly focus on the quality of the chain, the same industry link PR higher ranking the better, if not peer site Exchange is only a slight weakness. But the English station pays attention to the non-profit, the government, the education profession weight is high. The more the number of English stations the better, preferably not more than 100, but the more one-way links the better.

Nineth: English website domain name time registration and collection of the longer it is conducive to site rankings and enhance the weight. At the same time, the site domain name contains keywords, as well as a single plural form, at the same time to adopt a combination, horizontal line and underline the way.

Tenth: The increase of English website information, he is very attention to originality. At the same time, the more information the better, but generally do not add Web site information alone on the site outside the chain to enhance the weight and ranking can be done. In general, I built the site information to increase the edge of the chain. The outer chain is the main, the content is second and the structure is reasonable.

11th: The site's code to be simple and short, we generally use HTML format is better. Foreign websites are generally more content, less pictures.

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