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Many people do not understand the Network Alliance promotion, we first came to see Baidu Encyclopedia of the introduction of the network, when the Internet access to the vast number of Web sites, the league can promote the promotion of the enterprise information on the Web page, covering the Internet users more time, the impact on netizens more in-depth and lasting, Effectively help companies improve sales and brand awareness.

If we are the search engine marketing process to obtain customers compared to fishing, then the Network Alliance promotion is caught through the net, why say so? We look at the whole process of search engine marketing,

When a user searches for a keyword in a search engine, for example, storage cages, compressors, crushers, natural color sand, and so on, users will be based on search engine results to select several suppliers consulting comparison, compared with the company's strength, product prices, product quality, service and so on, after analysis and comparison, some customers will be sold, Another part of the customer will leave a message (phone, QQ, etc., through the latter end of the customer tracking will eventually be closed, there are some users have nothing to stay, this part of the user is only to understand that the final deal may also need to negotiate with the company or further understanding, for the latter 2 kinds of situation of customers, Network Alliance Promotion for this part of the customer's further transactions will play a very large role.

We then analyze the process, leaving the information of the customer, on the one hand, we can actively track through our customer service to facilitate its transactions, on the other hand, we can promote the network through the platform of multiple platforms to track the characteristics of customers, including not leaving any information to customers, we also need to promote through the network We through the Network Alliance to promote the background set up user behavior, focus on the specified keyword, the behavior can be set to 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days (according to their own industry settings, generally can be set to 7 days), the keyword is divided into search, current browsing, historical browsing.

Search: According to the customer in Baidu search keywords for targeted delivery

Current browsing: According to the customer's current browsing page content corresponding to the keyword targeted delivery

History browsing: According to the customer's recent browsing page content corresponding to the keyword targeted delivery, and is currently browsing the content of the corresponding keyword is irrelevant

The user we mentioned in the previous article searches for a keyword in the search engine, here is the corresponding "Search keyword orientation", the current browsing refers to the user is currently browsing the Web page contains "storage cages, compressors, crushers, natural color sand" and so on keywords, historical browsing refers to the user recently included "storage cages, compressors, Crusher, natural color sand "and so on the Web page of keywords.

For the above 3 kinds of keyword directional we can divide into different promotion group, in this way we are tracking the loss of the search for potential customers, the potential customers on the Internet a series of processes, any time will show our ads, such as customer browsing news, listening to music, watching video, the page will appear next to our ads, Or when the customer recently browse or are browsing contains "storage cages, compressors, crushers, natural color sand" and so on the keyword page, will also show our ads. For customers who do not deal, when he sees our advertisement for the second time or third time, the probability of the deal will be greatly improved.

Most customers need to undergo repeated thinking, contrast, and many traditional industries in the price of products is tens of thousands of, or even hundreds of thousands of, millions, so for this part of the industry, very few customers directly through the search engine transactions, in addition, with the industry more and more fierce competition, Customers can choose more and more, when customers have a number of companies can choose, the relative will also extend the customer's turnover time, and this time the Network Alliance will play its important role.

Finally again introduced Baidu Network Alliance, Baidu Network Union 600,000 high-quality website, comprehensive coverage target group, can cover more than 95% of Chinese netizens, daily about more than 8 billion times to show opportunities.

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