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The development of E-commerce is rapid, the establishment of various websites has also accelerated the progress of the entire industry, as time passes we do one of the most important purpose of the site will soon appear, that is to make money. If we can build a high-quality, users also need, potential users can also use a certain way to come to the site you designed, then you can in a way to persuade users to pay the bill, then A5 Webmaster Network SEO diagnostic Team (http://www.yuehuai.com/ seozhenduan/) Talking about the method of promoting optimization of e-commerce website?

First of all, we have to make clear what we do, in layman's terms, we do the site is to sell things on top, bond market our ultimate goal, these are nothing to be embarrassed about, clear these we have a direction to do things. Every factor on the site is for this purpose-every paragraph of text, each picture, every link, every page, every color, every promotion is to promote the viewer to buy things.

Second, we know what to do after this, how to promote optimization. In fact, the promotion is to promote themselves out, which is a bit like a social blind date almost. The first is the packaging of their own, the first impression; Therefore, it is undeniable that the first eye-catching or appearance, we saw the first on the blind date is also the appearance, what knowledgeable, kind-hearted and lovely advantages or follow-up to talk about, the same girls see you boys are this reason, first of all, to attract each other on the surface. We have attracted viewers on the site is only the first step, we also have to see the end of the good results, it requires the viewer also want to see, to find the point he wants to buy, which requires a deeper refinement.

Again, do a content site, meaning refers to have a certain background and temperament, appearance will gradually lose interest with the passage of time, but the inner beauty is never fade. We also know that the appearance of beauty will not last long, Lin Chi-ling is Taiwan's first beauty, if she will be a few decades old, or let you look at her every day, gradually it also can not find how beautiful she is, so like her people 8630.html "> sometimes see not only her beautiful appearance, but also her temperament." Can we see this when we do the website? On the site we want to do a personal style, rather than the same portal, rather than the same style with other sites, we have their own characteristics, whether local or alienated, as long as you are characteristic will have an attractive side, Your content will be different.

Four is the trust, security, we promote is to let customers believe that our products are good, can be assured to buy the products, so these I want to and consumers have a certain degree of trust, so that consumers have a sense of security. So I want to ask is you in the promotion when there is no as far as possible users trust you and your site, will not pay the money can not get things, in order to counteract these unnecessary anxiety, we do in the site, we need to be reliable contact methods, photos, user evaluation, qualification certification and all the shopkeeper information, Show the user where to go when shopping here, rest assured.

Finally, it is your intention to operate, all things in advance, not the waste, we do site optimization, we need to regularly to maintain, publicity, so as to achieve the ultimate goal. NET Earn Forum www.you85.cn reprint please indicate the source.

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