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The day before yesterday, the author wrote an article on the optimization of the picture class, this article mainly elaborates the use of new ideas to optimize the image site, but also to the picture station optimization difficulties. and the literary web site we're going to mention is another extreme--all text--as opposed to a picture station full of pictures. For the literature site SEO, what are the tips?

Literature Web site can also be called novel station, this kind of website's user group is a group of novel enthusiasts or novel writers, this kind of website also has its own unique characteristics, we also need to learn from its characteristics, to find out a set of optimization novel station's best plan.

So, what is the most obvious characteristic of literature station relative to other kinds of websites?

First: The content of the website is extremely huge. This characteristic is very obvious, now the network novel is always the Million word level, just imagine, a literature website has thousands of network novels, this is a how huge formation!

Second: Original difficulty is quite big. Literature Web site content is almost all collected, because almost no webmaster can personally write a novel as the original content of the site, after all, not every webmaster are writers, and not that energy.

Third: The template of the literature website is too serious. Literary sites because of the proportion of text accounted for the most, so almost every novel station do not pay attention to site layout design, most like to take the template to build a station, leading to the aesthetic of the novel user is quite tired.

The above three are the main characteristics of the literature station, but also the difficulty of the literature station optimization, so, to succeed, you have to start from the three details to solve, and then share with you how to do these three details.


First: Do the inner chain more meaningful than the outside chain

The first feature we mentioned above, the content of the literature Web site is very large, to solve the content of the site is a difficult point of our optimization. Many seoer the chain too deified, that the chain can make all the site can be optimized optimization, but the literature site is not exactly, relative to the outside chain, do a good job within the chain will be more meaningful. The author believes that the literature of the inner chain to pay attention to skills, not only every novel in each chapter of the above plus "prev", "next page" and so on, should also let the related class of novels with each other link, such as a special section to store the relevant class of the novel, such an internal chain is quite rigorous, spider crawling is quite friendly , the problems included in the website will be improved.

Second: The acquisition also must emphasize the scientific method

According to the description of the second feature, we can also understand that the literary site of the original difficulty is quite large, it can be said that almost no original possibility. We add the content of the site only to collect this method, but the blind collection of the weight of a site will have a certain impact, so we have to learn smart points, using scientific methods to collect the content of the article. What is science? The author thinks, the literary station stationmaster should not only blindly follow the crowd, to collect those classics, popular novels, just Think, a popular novel will be many sites are reprinted, collected, these sites weight than your high, even if you collect, Baidu included his turn to you. Of course, the popular novel of course to collect, but the author thinks, we can try to collect a few people reproduced novels, this kind of novel may see less people, but for us to solve the original problem may be a "curve to save the nation" a good way, to enhance the weight is also a good way.

Third: Make the literature kind of website become richer

The third difficulty in the optimization of the literature website, that is, the templating station is too serious, why should we emphasize this point? Yes, users come in the site is really to read the novel, download the novel, but does not mean that this satisfies the user's request. Many times the user because of the similarity of the site is too high, many times can not leave a deep impression on your site, and for the template to build a station, Baidu is also quite unfriendly. To solve this problem, should be in the website before the site to consider the layout of the site, do not blindly imitate the starting point, Xiaoxiang College, such as the great stations, to make their own characteristics of the site. For example, you can add a section to the site, so that users write book reviews, and comments on the content of the site, this can be more humane, but also to allow Baidu more recognition of your site.

Literature Web site optimization needs patience and careful, to solve the above three details is the focus of the optimization literature station, but also hope that the great God of Literature site webmaster can make more useful suggestions for the author, I will be happy to accept. This article is designed for Japanese and Korean star www.laiyinba.com feeds, hope to reprint a friend plus a link, thank you for your support!

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