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The fantasy wind MMORPG "Dragona", scheduled to carry out the Korean version of the stress test on August 10, 2010, released a new version of the promotional animation today (2010/8/6).  Only 25 seconds of the film using 3D animation strongly expressed the "Dragona" game atmosphere, especially the "Dragona" special "Depend system." "Depend System" is the core feature of this, through this system, the player role can be partial or systemic change body, gain more powerful force to hit ham enemy, even can be a block hundred. Through the "Depend system" can also understand the "Dragona" behind the world view.  Legend has it that in this continent full of magic, sword and Dragon Magic, the guardian of the power of the Bouron emperor will carry the mission of Guardian goddess and the mainland because of the jurtan of the Dragon of Evil. With time approaching, "Dragona" will be launched on August 10, the pressure test, interested players through the official website can apply to participate in this is the feast, the official will be in the shortest possible time to start the second seal test recruitment.  In addition to the release of promotional films to attract players, "Dragona" has also made a big move to Japan's well-known actress Cang Jing empty for the game endorsement, successful speculation hot topic. "Dragona" set up by the billion-Thai multimedia acquisition agent, the actual listing time has not yet been published.  In-game players can enjoy the previous public game video. (Edit Zhang Xing)
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