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    title optimization has been a cliché, though the title optimization is only a small part of internal optimization, But if even this very small part can not be reasonably optimized, what about the optimization of the whole station? SEO optimization is to start from these small details to achieve optimization of the whole effect. The optimization of page title (title) is the most basic and important, it occupies a pivotal position in all page element optimization.

    The following is a detailed discussion of the optimization of the page title:
      One, tltle role
  & nbsp; 1, the title of the setting directly affects our preset ranking time, that is, under the same resources, we optimize the length of time and the title of what keywords to place and how many key words are closely related. Put what keywords mainly from the competitiveness of the keyword analysis, we put the super hot words into the first level, the popular word for the second grade, the general word for the third grade, the unpopular word for the fourth grade, our title do not place hot words, even if it is not any significance. Competition degree analysis we can from Baidu Index, keywords business characteristics and related results: Baidu Index can only be used as a competitive reference factor, and not because Baidu Index is high, it is fierce competition; related search results represent the number of competing pages that participate in this keyword, the more competitive pages the more intense the competition is, Under normal circumstances, if the first three pages of the ranking are some of the inner pages we can think that the word is an unpopular word; In addition to these factors, we also have to consider the conversion rate of key words, the final must put what kind of keyword. The last thing to talk about is the number of keywords placed above the title, this actually does not have the standard number, if is the new station we must discard some good keywords, may five take three or four to take two, if you place the more means the ranking time is longer, this is not difficult to understand, it is the weight distribution principle, Too many keywords, the weight of each keyword allocation is very small, so the keyword ranking time to spend a long time.
    2, title determines the conversion rate and the role of stable keyword ranking. We all know that a keyword to do the first page is not difficult, we can rely on the chain + inside the chain + good content + promotion, but to make it a lasting good ranking is really difficult. Because the late keyword ranking is not outside the chain plays a decisive role, depending on the content, title and description, good content is mainly to retain the old users, the title and description is to attract new users, we have to stabilize a keyword first, rely on the chain that is not to do, we must search this keyword users, and search this user volume, is to old users + new users, the accumulation of old users we have to rely on content, new users of the cumulative title + description, new users + old users is our stable ranking of the magic weapon.
    3, the normalized title is in favor of ranking. Page can not do long title (more than Baidu or Google's normal browser title display length), also can not do short title (title less than five characters), not short title and repeat title, pageFace duplicate title for Google will obviously disperse PR value weight, although the PR is not very important, but for Google rankings is still very important. If the site 5 pages have the same title, the search engine to give the weight is very low, and even lead to these pages included slowly.
    Second, the correct wording of the title
    1, the first page title of the writing is very simple, is generally the site name-keywords, keywords, keywords, But pay attention to the title (title) do not have any description, because the inclusion of the description will occupy the title resources, decentralized weights, some people search the word and long tail keyword can also be put, but pay attention to the length of the title.
    2, Directory page and the title of the inner page titles, which is written as directory name _ site name and title name of the site; why does the title of the inner page not add a directory name, mainly because it causes the title to be too long, This has a big impact on rankings. If the headings of the contents page and the inner page are too long, the name of the website can be abbreviated to 4 words, avoiding the appearance of long titles.
    Three, keywords and description need to write
    Keywords do not participate in rankings, but based on SEO rules, It is recommended that you still write keywords on the homepage and the catalogue page, it is small to the value of the user, but can make reference to the search engine.
    Description is the meaning of the description, Baidu Optimization Guide clearly said that the description is not directly involved in keyword ranking factors, but it can guide users to click the site, and I found that the title of the word is limited, But the description is able to write two lines, can write a lot of attractive language, description early for the keyword ranking did not contribute, late for already ranked site is very important, it is a key factor in ranking key factors, description is not long, but is short and fine.

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