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The current era of data explosion, especially the rise of social networks and platforms, has made fragmented data a scourge of the entire Internet. But with more data, there is not much change in the amount of information a person needs or the amount of information they can afford. Therefore, search this tool will become a big data age artifact, become one of the most rigid demand. There are search places, no matter which engine is called not Baidu, there will be a dozen not dead seo.

Whether it's the traditional PC search or the current popular app search and the budding social search, there are rankings for search, and there will be people scrambling to get rankings. For some people, ranking is money and even life. For mobile search and social search, perhaps a lot of people are not so familiar with today, simply analyze the well-known PC search.

For people doing search marketing, the following three major directions should be noteworthy, here to talk about personal views:

1, open Search: User participation in Search

What does an open search mean? is a pattern that ordinary users can intervene in search results. A very simple example is the 360 search "thumb plan" and "middle finger plan", is to search a good site can be praised, search very bad site such as false site can be reported. Traditional search is closed, that is, the search engine side alone, completely by their own operation search rankings results, this mode of practice completely kills the user's participation rights, and the Internet "Everyone is a participant" concept is contrary. For example, when a phishing site or other false web site, users would like to complain or report, so as not to cause more harm. But the traditional search did not report the relevant entrance, the user can only be allowed to, more worried AH.

The future search will slowly allow more users to participate in the search results, play the power of the masses to truly improve the user experience. Good things should be spread, and almost everything should be eliminated or even sanctioned. At present Baidu share, 360 user plan, Sogou website report and completely open the idea to do search and so on is the embodiment of this trend, but just started. The openness of the future will increase further, and the user's participation will become more and more high. This to the vast number of search optimization personnel to mention a wake up: only really please the user is the king, fled the search engine, eventually escaped but the masses discerning eyes, do a good user experience and differentiation is the way to survive.

2. Personalized Search: Customized Search

Read a previous article on foreign personalized search, you can see that foreign search has this trend. Facebook Zuckerberg, who launched his Atlas search feature, expressed his vision for future searches: Future searches should be tailored. The so-called tailor-made is based on each person's different search needs, combining the characteristics of each person to give the most appropriate search results, this search realm should be very high. The traditional search is very rough, 10,000 people search the same keyword, gives the exact same search results. If the search has been tailored, 10,000 people search the same keyword and get 10,000 different results. Of course, to achieve this level, you must know the search users know how to accurately judge the needs of users. Google started using Google + several years ago to build a search-and-share social circle to capture the search habits and needs of individual users. Indeed, foreign search now also to a certain extent to achieve personalized search, such as different honest people search the same word, get a different result. If you search the term "car rental", you get different results in New York and Washington.

China's search has not yet been a symptom, but it should be a direction. What this means to search marketers is the importance of resources. Future Search marketing is more about pooling resources, networking, not technology. From the outset to focus on building personal influence, away from behind closed doors, will be the future of search marketing survival.

3. Social Circle Search: The gold rush of large data

The development of social networks and social tools has led to a turn of data explosions that Web2.0 everyone to be eligible to participate in the construction of Internet data. For example, micro-blogging can produce a huge amount of fragmented data every day, not less than the traditional HTML page data, and is the search engine's favorite original data. But the fragmented data is not in the hands of traditional search, just as Google, a foreign country, cannot crawl data on Facebook, and domestic Baidu can only crawl a tiny fraction of its microblog data. Therefore, there must be a new type of search tool to organize the data of the social platform. Foreign Facebook is trying to launch its own search tool, and a specific search tool like the search tool is emerging at home.

Therefore, search marketers should pay attention to social search this large platform, believe that its gold content will not be lower than the traditional search. And since it is a social platform, personal influence should be more important, the promotion of personal brand awareness will make you in this platform of search marketing has a small advantage.

This may sound in the present is a bit empty, from the grassroots is also relatively far, but it should be more obvious several trends, can be targeted in these several directions of exerting force.

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