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How can I bring more clicks and traffic to the website? and have more keywords to have a better ranking? I think this is every SEO personnel want to know, and to pay efforts in the direction. We do optimization not only for the search engine to see, more is to provide users with better service and experience. As the saying goes, the customer served well, bring the benefit will be less?

How to bring a better user experience? This is related to the content of our site optimization and layout of the skills, the following by me for you understand how to do SEO content optimization, and the overall layout of the skills bar.

1. Overall layout

The site layout of the good or bad, determines whether the user will continue to hit the key to see, so in the design layout, the site's structure should be biased in favor of the flat structure, and reduce the directory level of the site, so that not only clear content, user-friendly browsing, but also facilitate the crawling spider. The rational distribution of each module, so that the entire site at a glance.

Inside the site to do three-dimensional, increase the home page and the link between the pages (such as breadcrumbs), and reasonable use of the site map;

Website weight control, we want to use robots.txt shielding JS, CSS files and other meaningless, do not need the weight of the page. Reduce the dispersion of weight.

User browsing is from the left to the right, from top to bottom of the F-type browsing, so using this feature we can better know which module is important to prioritize the allocation of module weight.

2. The website content Title Reasonable edition

The quality of a title determines whether the user clicks on the browsing condition. So the benefits of good content titles are conceivable.

3. Content update, originality and relevance

The frequency of content updates determines the spider included the situation, but also for the site to bring more clicks, if a site is not updated for a long time, so the site users do not want to point.

At the same time we want to maintain the site content of the original and relevance, not related to the random copy of things who do not want to see.

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