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There are hundreds of thousands of different websites around the world, and new websites appear every day. How to make your website in the Sea of the Web site by viewers found, is a very difficult and very critical issue. Even if the site is designed to be exquisite, provide a variety of functions, if no one to visit, then all the efforts are in vain. To do marketing activities on the Internet, the first is to promote their own website, so that as many people know, so that people who want to browse can find, so that can be talked about through the network sales company's products or services. So it can be said that the key to network marketing is to promote the site. In this section, you will introduce common methods for traditional web site promotion.

First, through the traditional media to promote the site

Now, the Internet, E-commerce, internet marketing has become a popular word, which is inseparable from the traditional media, because the traditional media is still the largest audience, so the new media through the traditional medium to promote and promote is a viable strategy. Traditional media refers to television, radio, newspapers, magazines, businesses all the printed matter, outdoor advertising, etc., which is a good way to publicize the Web site. With the development of E-commerce in China, more and more advertisements will be promoted in traditional media.

1. Radio, television

In traditional media, television and radio has a lot of advantages, especially television, covering a wide range of forms of advertising, and its audience, including all sectors of society, with the broadest representation, is the best choice for advertising website C CCTV produced many programs in the broadcast on the screen on the name of the site; Many special programs, such as economic half-hour, financial reports, stock market quotes and so on, often introduced the company's Web site and e-mail, these programs have high ratings, with the best advertising effect.

2, newspapers, magazines

Open the main domestic newspapers and periodicals, almost will find relevant E-commerce and Web site coverage, introduction and a large number of ads, especially some professional newspapers, such as the "Computer World newspaper" "Internet Magazine" and other national famous RR newspaper, is the enterprise website and web site promotion of the preferred carrier. Newspapers and magazines are one of the most important ways to use traditional methods to advertise websites and Web sites.

3. Outdoor Advertising

A few years ago, the advertisement standing in the 0 km of Zhongguancun, Beijing, "How far is it from the information superhighway?" one to the North 1 meters "is seen as Yinghai Granville, and even the entire Chinese information production: industry declaration, so that Win Hai first in many hearts and minds to establish an indelible impression." Many Chinese people came to the internet for the first time, along with the creation of the Tibetan-Granville. Yinghai Granville's Web site has become the most well-known web site. Nowadays, such advertisements are everywhere in the developed areas of our country. This also shows that the major online companies are learning, willing to give up the traditional way of outdoor advertising.

4. Company Print

Companies in contact with the outside to consume a lot of envelopes, stationery, business cards, gift packaging, such as the name of the Web site, so that customers remember your name, position, but also see your web address and e-mail addresses. This is a kind of propaganda without the need for additional advertising fees. In addition, the company's product brochures, product promotion materials such as printed on the Web site and e-mail address, is also a common way.

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