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For the webmaster, the purpose of the website is very direct, is to profit! The decision to profit or not, and how much of the most important problem is the flow of traffic, there is a high flow of access, on behalf of a high degree of concern, then advertising, promotion, one after the following, the natural direction of the site to profit, so in order to flow, Webmaster racked their brains to promote, even at the use of topic hype, expect their own site will have a higher visibility and attention to improve the flow of the site; but did you really get the expected flow?

About the impact of the domain name on the site:

I remember a friend who contacted me when the website failed. Asked me whether there is a good domain name, he felt that their domain name is not good, so will lead to the user through the propaganda to stay, remember at that time I was to give him a negative domain name and the absolute relationship between the site example, is happy NET, Happy Net's success is not because it has a good domain name, It's not kaixin.com but kaixin001.com. But it was as successful, I think my friend should understand, the site's domain name is like for children to name, although very important, but a name really can not affect the child's life, such as My Name is "Song Dragon" Parents give the name of the time meaning "the best" and because I have such a good name, it can be overwhelming? The answer is no, the boss and users are the same, they value the content, if for people is your knowledge, is your self-control, and for a website, is your substance, is not enough to attract users, as long as you can do in some ways to attract users, and in this respect you are unique, so even if your domain name is very poor, very long, difficult to remember, users will also copy your site's address, stored in his QQ signature, or in the browser's Web site Favorites folder.

Good domain name is good, if you put too much time on the Amoy domain name, I personally do not need to, I would suggest that you choose a pretty good domain name, save the time used in thinking about how their site to do content, to attract users, to retain users better.

The Web server is the core:

When I say this, I'm a little helpless, so be sure to pull out the problem, I was to do the medical Industry station group, done for nearly four years, a server has more than 20 stations, each station Baidu will not be less than 10W, the flow is needless to say, anyway, income is still fairly objective, but unfortunately, IDC, which has collaborated for four years, suddenly disappears, the server itself is also my own, but, because no good IDC contact, resulting in me more than 20 site data loss, because the server is rented a year to send property, so the server is their own, backup is a 1T disk a preparation, the result of all the defense is useless, I thought my server was safe enough, but I did not think of the impact of the lack of good IDC lead me to start the road to change the dim, in fact, to cite this example no other roundabout meaning, is to let some really want to do the station's friends, or to choose a more reliable service provider, even if the expensive point, at least really reliable ah!

Of course, a good server will greatly improve their web site access speed and space quality, if your site content to do very well, but, the domestic speed of the family have a few dare to compliment? People's patience is very limited, although you have good things, but did not see who knows? Home network speed If more than 10 seconds can not open your website, I think if I will be directly closed, of course, the search engine spiders are also temper, if your site speed around, I think the search engine is not convenient to crawl! So I said, the website server is the core!

The user experience is kingly:

The first two days of Tencent Portal revision, Chouyau also wrote a "from 7.3 Tencent Portal version of the Portal User Experience link" article, here on the Tencent after the revision to see some of the problems, has been talking about the user experience, if the user experience has been a hot topic, So what does the real user experience contain?

I personally think that from the website of the whole station art, within the chain, and the overall content of the site three angles, the website art is very good explanation, we compare the website to the beautiful woman, a long good-looking girl grows in the street you certainly will pay more attention to two eyes, but from the present person's public appreciation angle to look, everybody prefers the pure girl, Then the site is the same, simple and beautiful website design will win the favor of users, look at the first glance will feel very comfortable, so read what you want to see will continue to look down, and within the chain, is the site's internal link is very simple also very straightforward to say, is to have the content of cohesion, Of course, if you can judge the content through the user's preferences, the user likes to appear in front of the user, that's the best, so from the Tencent revision of the issue, I added such a vision; the last is the content of the site, said the content has always been a word, the content of the emperor, the site can retain users are supported by the content, After all, only the content is the user's attention, like the ultimate reason for your site, so find a good location, do original, do quality content, is essential.

Unconsciously Chizilong and confusedly wrote such an article, just want to put some personal views and suggestions to express, engaged in website building friends or classmates hope to exchange discussions, together with progress, the last word, I think "the essence of the Internet is no problem, the problem is people and society, We should use up the way to create high-quality and High-quality website content, in order to finally obtain the user's favor!

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