On Sina Weibo, Mr Cameron answered some of the questions raised by Chinese netizens

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After Mr Cameron's return to Britain, a week of "British Prime Minister" David Cameron's Twitter followers have surpassed 410,000 in Saturday (December 7).

After a three-day visit to China from December 2 to 4th, Mr Cameron has received tens of thousands of questions from Chinese netizens after opening his microblog. He made the video before he finished his visit to China, but only a few questions were answered in the video.

First, Cameron answered the main purpose of his visit to China, saying that his current visit is aimed at ensuring friendly and close ties between China and Britain, I am delighted to meet with China's president and Prime Minister, and to show you the British enterprises, museums and universities so that the two countries can share information and consensus, and build stronger ties between the two countries, including trade and mutual win.

"Which band do you like best?" , Cameron said he has a wide range of music hobbies, and now favorite is the popular young British band "Monford" (Mumford & Sons).

Mr Cameron responded to the question: "Will Britain cooperate with China's small and medium cities in urbanization?" ”

Cameron said that this is a good opportunity for cooperation between the two countries, China will continue the process of urbanization, the United Kingdom "in town planning, architectural design and services, there are many opportunities for cooperation, but also in a greener, more environmentally friendly way to build new towns."

Some netizens asked Cameron to press for more drama "Sherlock Holmes", and Cameron said he could not interfere with the decision of a TV production company, but he knew the story was popular in China, but he could tell Chinese fans that they wanted to see more of the episode.

Finally, Cameron replied, "Does your wife usually cook?" What time do you usually get off work? "Question. He said: "As Prime Minister every day is not the same, sometimes to go out to work late, other times will also try to squeeze time to accompany their families." ”

He said: "We take turns cooking, her cooking is better than mine, and definitely more tidy than me, but I also try to share the cooking housework, before I came to China in Sunday, I made my favorite dish, I made a port-shelter soup at home, and I did the last meal before I came to China. ”

There are many questions about Chinese netizens, including the Sino-American relations, the Chinese environment, and the cultural differences between Britain and China, which are not included in the video question.

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