On the analysis of the website user experience from three aspects

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The user experience is a factor that every site pursues. Whether a website can provide a good user experience will determine whether the site is successful or not. and improve the user experience of a lot of ways, then webmaster should be how to analyze the site's user experience is good enough? The user experience is the quality of the ranking of the weight, the popularity of the site and so on. Today, the author from three aspects to analyze the site user experience is good:

First, from the website PV value View user experience degree

Webmaster generally look at statistics are most obsessed with the number of independent IP per day. In fact, PV value can also reflect the user experience of the site, because the PV value is the number of users browsing, only when each user browsing the page will produce a higher PV value. Like the IP and PV ratio is 1:5. Such a numerical value indicates that the site is very user's favorite, because only when users like the site is willing to stay in the site longer, this stay longer to prove the lower the bounce rate, the higher the PV value. This can reflect that the site itself presents a good state of the user experience. Therefore, through the site PV value to analyze the site in the user experience to do enough is a basic method, and the webmaster most of the request will be data analysis, which is quite a form of data analysis to effectively analyze the user experience. According to common sense, only when the PV value is higher, the user browsing the page will be more, of course, this PV value can be in the form of pagination to intervene. But without substance, even intervention is useless.

Second, from the interactive situation to see the user experience degree

The site is not like a forum, because the forum can through the daily volume of posts and the number of replies to effectively analyze how the user experience. For a website, the most common way to interact with the user is to vote and comment on the message function. And some of the site itself has blocked the comment function, so that they are missing a user can interact with the method. In fact, the comment function is most able to see the user experience, like a personal blog, if each blog post comments are a few pages, then such a blog will not be popular? Therefore, for the comment function, if not necessary, as far as possible not to remove, afraid of advertising can use the form of the screen to carry out reasonable management. There is no comment, then can be from the top step function to analyze, generally speaking, if your site content to user interest or even meet the user's appetite, then users will not save that click. By casting positive and negative votes can be seen what users like what kind of content, there can be based on the content of the opposite direction to improve the user experience degree of exploration.

Third, viewing the user experience degree from the shared status

Many sites believe that the Sharing button is installed. For the sharing button, most of the webmaster only know that he can let users share their favorite content with others, so that users can help their promotion. In fact, the sharing button can also have another role. By counting the number of times each article was shared, it was possible to know what users liked about the site, how long they were willing to stay on the site, and so on. can be easily analyzed. In fact, through the sharing button to count the user experience there are several sites worth learning, one is micro-blog, micro-blog every time after the reprint will be reproduced to add, so that we know how many people like him. The second is the QQ space, I do not know what the QQ space log at the bottom of the statistics button to share what feelings. Is it through the button to see the article's reprint of the number of comments? So it is easy to know what the content of the site to give the user what kind of experience state.

Webmaster often say user experience, but it is easy to do a good user experience? Many times the user experience is inverted in the details of the processing, most of the details can affect the user experience, so, for the user experience do not excessive pursuit, nature is good, users will also give certain understanding. This article by the Http://www.tianmawang.net Tianma Network exclusive feeds, reproduced please leave the link, thank you!

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