On the application of Long tail keyword in website popularization

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Did a year or two website promotion work, more and more realize the long tail keyword in the website promotion important role. Today, some of their long tail key words to work small experience, to share with you. Non-target keywords on the site but also can bring the search flow of keywords, called long tail keywords. It is characterized by a relatively long, often 2-3-word composition, which exists in the title and content of the content page. The search volume is very small and unstable. Because of its small amount of search, so many people do not attach importance to it. Fact。 Now the site to promote the competition is more and more big, want to get large target keyword ranking, often to spend a lot of work, and may have to adhere to a few months of promotion to get a better ranking. And for the less weight of small sites, to get its rankings and traffic is even more difficult.

So why not part of the effort to do long tail keyword promotion?

First of all, search long tail keyword customers are more purposeful, so the probability of conversion to the site is much higher than the target keyword. Second, the long tail of the keyword to bring the flow, although relatively few, but it is a large number of sites, a wide range, bringing the total flow is actually very large. I have done a system for a website long tail keyword promotion, for the site to enumerate all the relevant long tail keyword, the promotion of two per week around the site to add a related soft text, as long as a small number of outside the chain, basically a two weeks, can be ranked on the homepage of the search engine. A lot of articles page basically can bring fixed traffic every day, and its competition is small, basically do not need too big post maintenance.

Here are some ways to share my search for long tail keywords:

1, to understand the site to optimize the industry, around the target keywords to spread, add some modifier words such as generated phrases. If our company is to do industrial model, it can be derived from the "industrial model" to "industrial model production" and so on.

2, the search engine itself will provide relevant information. When we search for a keyword, many search engines will be listed at the bottom of the "related search", these are can expand the keyword place, we can follow the words below, constantly click in, will collect more and more long tail words.

3. Refer to Competitor's website. Search for competitors in the same industry, look at the top 10 sites, they have put in the site tags which keywords. Can be collected for their own reference.

4, keyword research tools will also list the expanded keywords, I was doing English, such as Google insight, free keyword suggestion tool (wordtracker), Google adwards inside the keyword Tool is a good tool, Chinese Baidu promotion tool is also very good.

5, through a number of relevant industry forums or question-and-answer forum. You can see what words the user is using to ask the relevant questions. Use common sense at the same time, if oneself is the user, what Word will use. Familiar with the key words such as building models, but also derived from the Villa model, the Community model, etc., so more to understand the user's common language, for the promotion and SEO is very necessary.

Find the long tail keyword, it is relatively easy to promote it.

First, you can optimize the meta information for some product and content pages, and add one or two long tail keywords to keywaords or description, which is easy to find when searching. In the content of the article can also be as far as possible, of course, the main natural, after all, user experience is also very important.

Second, the inner and outer chains are also important. Long tail keywords are generally derived from the target keyword, the correlation is large, so you can obtain a large number of links through the form of the chain. At the same time to do the corresponding external extension to increase the chain, it is easy to get a better ranking.

Finally, a little advice. Because the long tail keyword relative to school, it is best to do a long tail keyword and its linked list. This can facilitate other articles when the use of anchor text, and can be regularly check their rankings, can reduce the trouble of later maintenance.

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